Turkey Marked

So perhaps I was complaining a bit about having to go with Milord to his family’s Thanksgiving Dinner. I wanted to have our own thanksgiving – one filled with not only food but frivolity as well!! Milord, and rightly so, pointed out that we needed to be with family on holidays. Just because I no longer had living parents didn’t mean I didn’t have family. I had his. His mother, father, sister, three brothers, neices and nephews would all be disappointed if we didn’t show up. So – I began to dress for dinner. Knowing my cooking skills, Milord’s mother had requested that we bring wine. I’d laughed at this, but agreed that was probably a wise decision.

Milord, however, was quite disappointed in my complaining and so took matters into his own hands. Literally. It took him five times to make the perfect mark – once on my left cheek, once on each thigh, once on my inner thigh and finally, the perfect hand mark on my right cheek.

Happy Thanksgiving, ya’all!!tumblr_mdwtp7A7QS1ru1lyao1_1280

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