Are you frightened! Reprimand 1

Are you frightened? Instruction   

Are you frightened? Entrance

She’s frightened now, knowing her first reprimand is about to happen. She’s still blindfolded, and will be the entire night. She has no voice unless she chooses to use her safeword, which everyone in this room will respect and protect. Nonetheless, she used her hands wDF7BdafWAAUOjgPhen she had not been given permission to do so. Had she not committed this small infraction I would have come up with some other reason to reprimand her. It is, after all, part of her debut to be reprimanded at least once, probably several times. As per tradition in our club, the first reprimand is often the most difficult for the Debutante. Like any good Dom worth his or her salt, I know what my Love likes, what she hates, where her limits are, which can be pushed, which cannot. I know where she is the toughest, the weakest, the strongest, the most sensitive. I know her. I tell her nothing, but push her dress to the floor, leaving her nude and exposed. She blushes and starts to bring her hands up to cover herself but stops just short of additional infraction. She tightens her lips, lovely with a faint white coating of dried cum on them. My friend grabs her forearms and backs up just a bit so that she is bent slightly at the waist. I tap her ankles with a crop. She stiffens, but does as I tacitly direct. I wait, drawing out her apprehension. My friend and I begin to discuss various techniques for using the crop. She’s sweating now and I take pity on her by delivering that first tap. Directly to her open, wet puss. I’m not cruel, but I’m not gentle either. If I went too easy on her, she’d lose her respect for me. She yelps but stays in place which makes both my friend and me laugh. She’s perfect. Nine more times I apply the tip of the crop to her clit and pussy. She stays silent after that first one but the blindfold is now damp with tears. Almost as damp as her thighs. I shit you not, a small puddle of sweet honey had formed on the floor between her legs.

She’s taken her first reprimand well, so I feel it only right to reward her. I plunge three fingers deep inside of her, curling them, tickling that secret spot that I can always find. She bends down farther, her knuckles white as she clings to my friend’s arms. My hand is drenched with wetness as her body controts in the first of many orgasms. I yank my fingers free and lick her sweetness. Delicious. Once again I help her to stand and to redress. “I’m proud of you. Are you happy?”


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