Are you frightened? Entrance

She knows what she’s getting into. We, in fact, have been guests here when a submissive has been debuted in just such a way. I remember well just how entranced she was, watching the young man, blindfolded, silent, and so very perfect, gracefully and stoically be displayed, touched, used (but not abused or harmed!) by the exclusive and heavily vetted guests. She was such a proud thing back then, wanting to submit, but fighting the conventional norm that to allow someone else to have control over one’s own body was somehow demeaning. Over the past few months, she’s come to terms with her need to submit and my need to dominante. Now, it is time for her debute.

I feel her body trembling with excitement spiced with fear. My cock hardens. It, however, will have to wait. She won’t be receiving it too soon. That would maktumblr_olgxycdtNi1uz20suo1_500e the eveing far too easy for her. What pride will she have if she doesn’t have to push herself? I take a few minutes to parade her around the room, speaking to a few other guests. Then, I turn to her and give instructions. She jumps a little, but gives an almost imperceptable nod. She squats down. I push her forward a bit and she instictively opens her mouth. She runs her tongue up my friend’s crotch then raises her hands. “Were you told to use your hands?” I whisper. Immediately she clasps her hands together behind her back. My friend and I grin at each other. Perfect excuse for a punishment. He opens his zipper and releases his cock. There’s a reason I chose him to be her first. He is enormous. About 11 inches long with the girth of a pool noodle. She struggles, almost topples off her heels, gags, but utters not one sound of complaint as he fucks her mouth mercilessly. When he’s ready, he pulls out, fist pumping his cock. She tilts her face upward, mouth open like a good slut. I don’t want this, though. I want her covered in cum. I touch her chin with a finger and she closes her lips. He sprays her face, throat, hair, blindfold. He grins at me as he puts his cock back in his trousers and we chat about mundane things while my Love stays in place, her legs cramping, cum drying on her delicate skin. He gives me a look and I nod, reach down and help her to stand. She’s wobbly, having been in an akward position for so long, but flushed. A small grin on her face. I lean into her and whisper, “You’ve made your entrance, my Love. Are you willing to go on?”


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