Are you frightened? Instruction

Are you frightened, Love? You should be. For the next few hours you will be deprived of your sight. You will be dependent upon me as your guide. You’re only opportunity to change this situation is to use your safe word. Barring that one tiny word, you will do as I say with whom I say when I say. You will do all of this with a graciously submissive attitude.

I will never, not once, leave you alone. If you do not hear my voice or feel my touch, know that I am still with you, watching, guarding. You will be frightened, but know that this will add to my pleasure along with yours. You will never, I swear to you, be in true danger.

I will touch you, display you, kiss you. I will let others do the same. I will bend you have, spank you, run my fingers, perhaps my tongue, up and down your already wet slDFpaxerWAAMBQzOit. I will let others do the same.

I will have you stand by my side, silent, blindfolded, while I drink and laugh and talk with others. You, my Love, are my possession tonight. My art. My triumph. You are Submission itself.

I will expose your breasts, play with your nipples, suck on them, pinch them. I will let others do the same. You will stand, or kneel, stoic and beautiful, silent and accepting. The only word you will speak, if you feel the need, will be your safeword.

I will strip you, bite you, fuck you. I will use your mouth, your pussy, possibly even your ass. I will let others do the same. You are ready for this, despite your fear and doubts. Tell me one more time, honestly and truly,  before we enter The Mansion, do you accept all of this?


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