Fall Rules 2017

Naturally, all House Rules apply. In addition, Mister has decided (I had no choice this time because I didn’t want a choice.) upon the following. Once I read them, I knew it had been a brilliant idea to ask Him to set up this season’s rules. I think I might just be able to follow them all and avoid punishment until December 21!!! Any bets?

  1.  I will have at least one orgasm per day in Milord’s presence (either physical or electronic). This is for my overall health and His enjoyment.
  2. I will join a local group that practices Naked Yoga and attend at least twice a week. This will remind me that my body is, in fact, beautiful.
  3. Every evening before Mister comes home from work, I will put on my House Collar. This will remind Him of my devotion and love for Him. I will also wear my Pearl Collar whenever I am out with Him as a reminder of the many pearls He bestows upon me.
  4. I will wear only one layer clothing between my legs at any one time (if I’m wearing slacks, no panties). This will remind me that this area is His.
  5. I will suck on His cock every day. If He is unavailable, I will suck on a dildo while I masturbate until I come. I will do this either in front of a live feed for Him or film it for His viewing pleasure at a later time.
  6. pearl_choker_817469fe-f492-4f3e-8567-8e95a74e73e9

3 thoughts on “Fall Rules 2017

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