Anal Discipline

(At the request of a reader – hope you enjoy the story.)

Okay, so I’d been bad. Like, really bad. I was way, way over budget, mouthy, the house hadn’t been cleaned in 2 weeks, and I lied about going to visit a friend at her home when in fact we halusciousnet_naked_over_the_knee_spa_351042160d been clubbing. Mister was well within his rights to punish me. First, he had me strip and assume the position over his lap. He used his hand to spank me until I was sobbing a bit, kicking a bit, and my bottom was good and red. I was also quite wet! Did I learn? No. I mouthed off again telling him that disciplining my bottom always made me excited. This was not the proper state of mind for someone who had so badly misbehaved. He obviously needed a much more stern punishment. He took me into the bathroom and I watched as he filled the sink basin with water. He then took out his pocket knife and cut a thick stick of glycerin soap, dropped the stick into the warm water, and positioned me with my hands on the rim of the tub, feet spread wide apart. A few moments later he slid the softened soap stick into my bum. My eyes flew open and I felt the burn immediately. Glycerin soap melts fairly quickly and has a quick effect on the bowels as well. He asked me if I was still excited or if I was beginning to understand that my actions had distasteful consequences. I started to move to the “throne”, but he stopped me. I would have to beg and show true respect first. I was sobbing in earnest now and quickly did as he ordered. This went on for a while and I was terrified I was going to humiliate myself horribly, but he relented and allowed me to eliminate. He did, however, stand there with his arms crossed, staring at me the whole time. I truly was humiliated. How can this get worse, I thought. Mister unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock, and told me that I was going to suck him off, swallowing every drop before he would allow me to clean myself up. I opened my mouth to protest, giving him the opportunity to shove his cock deep into my mouth. I gagged, but sucked. His cock in my mouth always soothes my nerves and soon I was calm, almost forgetting my humiliating position. He came quickly, smiled down at me, and told me I could clean myself. I was them to meet him in the kitchen. I lInflating Anal Probe eft the bathroom far more humble than I’d entered it. What I saw on the kitchen counter, though, made me tremble. An inflatable butt plug . Holy Shit! Plus a tube of pre-ground ginger, plus a harness! Now I cried in earnest!! I begged and begged him not to use that, but he ignored my pleas, smiled at me, then calmly ordered me to bend over, my hands flat on the floor, legs spread. He inserted the ginger covered plug. The burn was immediate and harsh, but I knew it would last only about 20 minutes. Nonetheless, my tears were making quite a puddle on the floor. He helped me to stand upright and strapped the harness on me, locking it in place. I would have to, he sweetly informed me, suck him off each and every time I needed to release my bowels. As he said this, he used the pump to inflate the plug. This, I assure you, got my attention. The bulb hung down between my legs to about mid-thigh. Now that he was sure I understood my predicament, he then told me to go put on a long skirt and top. We were going out. I was to put on make-up and smile. No one, absolutely no one was to know that I was in any distress or discomfort. We were meeting friends for dinner. I lod5ad8adc841afd538c63ef1d07684d64oked at him with horror, but nodded. He was my Dominant, my Mister. If he were a weaker man, a less stern disciplinarian, I wouldn’t respect him as much. Dinner, let me just say, was a trial. Mister sat next to me and every now and then would take hold of the bulb, inflate the plug inside of me, then smile. I’d have to sit there, eating, drinking, or chatting as if everything were perfectly normal. Then, he’d release the air for a while only to reinflate it after a few minutes of relief. Then, the soap stick reappeared (figuratively) and I really needed to use the facilities. I looked at Mister and said that I needed to go powder my nose. He smiled and said I looked fine. It could wait until we got home. The plug reinflated – it was HUGE!! I gasped and our firends looked at me oddly. Crap! Shortly after that Mister made our excuses and we left. Tears were running down my face I was so uncomfortable. As soon as we got home, I stripped off my clothes and knelt before Mister who obligingly removed his trousers. I went to work, feeling that wonderful sense of calmness, and soon he was releasing down my throat. He unlocked my harness, deflated the plug, and allowed me to eliminate. When I finished, he had the plug lubed up with the ginger again. I begged him not to put me through that again, but he kissed me and quietly told me that this was the penalty for a week’s work of bad behavior. I was again plugged and harnessed. I asked how long this was going to go on. Mister asked me how long had I been misbehaving. I groaned. About 2 weeks. One day for each week, he decided. I’d be locked into the harness and plug for 2 days, having to beg and earn the right to eliminate, and then suffer through the burning effects of the ginger afterwards. Oh. My. God. I had to go to work the next day! My eyes widened when I realized that I’d be plugged while I was at work! He smiled at me, knowing I’d comprehended my plight, kissed me gently, and told me that he was sure that my behavior would improve. Mister is a strict, but brilliant and creative disciplinarian.

Anal Discipline – completed

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