I’ve been mooned!!!

So today was the elcipse, right? So, one is not supposed to look at the sun with tImage result for eclipsehe naked eye, right? Milord had a clever idea. If we can’t look at the some with the naked eye, then we – or at least I – should be naked while viewing it (behind protective glasses, of course!) Moreover, since it is the moon which causes the eclipse, I should also moon. Personally, I thought this redundant since I would already be naked! The I saw the gleamhard-domestic-discipline-1140x641 in Milord’s eye. My “moon” he said, would be what would be used and viewed – the entire day. Gotta admit, I was still confused. Naked. Naturally my ass would be exposed. The day began with me “on the floor in position”. Milord then said, not only would my “moon” be exposed all freakin’ day long, but that it would shine. Okay. Now I understood. And giggled a bit. As  I’ve said before, Milord is creative.  He began by telling me that the last total eclipse in the U.S. was on July 11, 1991. (7+1+1+1+9+9+1 = 29) Twenty nine swats with his hand – to each cheek. Every hour I would be in this position, he told me, and receive the number of swats equal to the date of each eclipse during the 20th centure. February 26, 1979; March 7, 1970; October 2, 1959; June 30, 1954; July 9, 1945; August 31, 1932; January 24, 1925; September 10, 1923; June 9, 1918.  He would use his hand while we were inside, but outside, he would use a switch freshly cut from a handy bush or tree. I knew then that I would have a difficult time sitting for a few days, but couldn’t stop the rush of wetness coating my thighs. He saw this and laughed. “Don’t fret. Just after we view the elcipse and your moon is shined up for today’s date, I’ll make love to you until you collapse from the exhaustion your orgasms will cause. You’ll scream my name, curse me, bless me. I promise this. You’ll never forget the elcipse of 2017.in the woods

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