Tied in Knots

It has been a stressful week. I won’t bore anyone with the details. My Lion, though, took steps to relieve my tension. He knows that the fastest way for me to relax is to submit – totally and fully – to Him. And so, When he saw the state of mind I was in when I got home Friday night he pulled me into his arms, kissed me, then whispered his order into my ear. Showered, shaved, naked, and collared. Ten minutes.  I felt tDG9x1FSUQAAHcgRension melting from my pores. Twelve minutes later I stood before him – showered, shaved, naked, collared – with soft, cotton ropes being tied harnass like around my body. I would, he said, wear not only his collar, but his bindings and very likely his markings all weekend long. He would release me not tonight, not tomorrow, not Sunday, but only Monday morning. Until then, I was his. I would obey.  I would serve. He would fuck me, dress me, use me, make me come, eat me, feed me as he pleased. His voice floated about me like a cloud of lavendar – enticing, compelling, relaxing. He wrapped his love around me as he spoke and as he created the harness that I would wear until He chose to untie it. He looped the rope over my hips, making sure that my slit would be easily accessible. The binding was tight, but not uncomfortable. In truth, I love when he harntumblr_otxcdv42JM1w4ltjno1_400ess me. It is a constant reminder that I am his (and he is mine).  He finished and I sat on the bed. I licked my lips and looked up, my hand on his zipper. He shook his head, though, denying me this pleasure. Instead, he pushed me back onto the bed, knelt, and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I’m going to make you cum until you beg me to stop. Then, my lioness, I’m going to ignore you and keep going. My tongue, my fingers, perhaps my fist will be inside of your secret holes. My teeth will nip your clit your lips. You. Are. Mine. And so he did. Minutes, hours later, my hands buried in his dark hair, I begged him to stop, to give me a break, to let me suck him, to fuck me. He ignored me. sure I could have used my safe word, but I didn’t. One orgasm washed over the one before it until my body quivered uncontrollably. I stopped begging, stopped thinking, stopped moving with intent. I surrendered. He knew this and chuckled, his lips on my clit. I have no idea how he did it, but somehow he unzipped his jeans and pulled off his shirt. He was on top of me, in me, my legs still over his shoulders, his cock buried inside of me. That’s it. Come. Come all over my cock. Give me what I demand. And so I did. I came, screaming out his name. He pulled out, readjusted himself, pressed my legs wide apart, then plunged his entire length into my ass. I cried out again – not in pain because there was none. My Lion keeps my ass nicely stretched so that I can accommodate him at any time. No, I cried out in gratitude. “Yes!! Please!” He pressed down on my thighs, spreading me wide. I reached up, ran my hands down his hard chest, his impossibly tight abs. Where? Where do you want it? “Wherever you want to give it.” I tipped my head back, arched my back, and felt him roar his release. Inside of me. He let go inside of me and I gasped with the joy of it. He relaxed, fell  to the bed beside me, and pulled me to his chest, cradling me. He kissed my head and I sighed against him, satiated and relaxed.

Now, as I sit at my desk, I still feel his ropes binding me even though he untied them this morning. I feel his cum, wishing gravity was not so certain, as my silk panties absorb his essense. I wiggle a bit, my nether regions tender and sore for being ravaged for the past two days and three nights. I had to wear a lightly padded bra to hide the indecency of my swollen nipples. When my assistant came in with an arm full of files, he noted my relaxed shoulders, my smile, the glow about my face, and said it was obvious that I’d had a good weekend. “You have no idea,” I told him, grinning as only a well satisfied lover can.

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