Three Day Camp – Day 1

My Lion and I have decided that we need a good re-boot camp. We have both been putting our work (which is certainly important) and other concerns (televions, computer games, which are not important) ahead of our relationship. These days will be devoted to both of us re learning our roles as lovers, friends, and Dominant/Submissive. We don’t go away to do this re-booting, but rather stay in his home. By doing this, we will be daily reminded of our choices by simply being around every day items such as the couch, the dining room table, the peg board and hooks in his garage, and so on. I have a small apartment on the other side of time which ismmore convienent during the work week, but on weekends, I also live here. To show the importance of this Camp, we have both taken three days off work, placing our relationship as a top priority. When I arr

bw corset

ive at his home, I hand him my purse, keys, and coat. He takes them and locks them away from me. I’m left standing wearing  and under bust corset, g-string, stockings, heals and some pearls – all per my Lion’s instructions. He asks how long I’ve been corseted and I answer about 1 hour. He turns me around and tugs on the laces. I gasp, but sure enough, there is some play in the strings that wasn’t there an hour ago. I’m now trussed tighter than a pig. I can’t bed at the waist, which pleases us both.  This Camp is not for comfort or relaxation, but for renewal and reconnection. He is dressed in pressed black slacks. That’s it. My g-string is soaked through just looking at him! He sniffs and smiles, catching the scent of my musk. He bends me over his kitchen table, my breasts pressed flat, my face turned to the side. my back straight as a poker. Then, he slides off his belt. I hold onto the edge of the table, but before the first belting, he kneels between my legs and licks my slit, I gasp and my knuckles whiten as they grip the edge of the table his tongue fucks my pussy, my asshole, then uses his hands. I come and come and come. Already I’m exhausted and quickly losing my grasp on the world. I hear him stand then hear the snap of his belt. Fire licks my bottom, but I don’t react. My mind is still floating on the pleasure of the orgasms he’s just given me. My Lion insists on pleasure before pain. He maintains that the mixing of the two confuses my senses to the point where they become inseperable from each other. He’s right. This doesn’t work for every couple, but it certainly does for us. By the time the pain of the belting enterss my brain, he is finished. My ass is on fire, but I am content for the most part. I am silent,  as we agreed, but I want to beg. Then, he is standing before me, his trousers gone, his cock at full mast, eager. I raise my head, stand on my toes, and eagerly open my mouth. He smiles down at me and slowly eases his cock into my mouth. I moan with the pleasure of him. With one hand he pulls my long hair into a tight pony. With the other he smacks my hot, hot bottom. Reality is no more. I could happily suck his cock all freaking day. “I wanted to wait,” he rasps, “but I can’t. I want you too much. you feel so fucking good. I’m going to come in your mouth, Sadie,. That’s the first for today. You’ve go to more loads at least to look forward to. One in you puss, and one in your ass.” I close my eyes and nod. His cock presses against the back of my throat. My toes are off the floor, my waist bound so tight I can’t bend easily, and I’m about to come again myself. Then, I felt it. His sweet, hot cream jutting against my throat. I cried out in delight and worked to swallow every delicious drop. He stay in my mouth for a while after he finished, catcching his breath. When he finally pulled out, I was devestated. My lion, though, helped me to stand then picked me up, laying me gently on his bed where he lay next to me. Then, he was hovering over me, sucking on my nipple. He raised his head and reached into a large, black batumblr_o03gqkwCS81qlcyfro1_500g, pulling out two clothes pins. My eyes widened and I backed away. Normally, after we orgasm, we cuddle a bit, may be nap, and then go abobut our day.. Camp!!! I forgot. “There will be no ‘down time’ my little lioness. For the next 3 days you will always be reminded of your submissiveness to me.I will always be reminded of my dominance over you. Now,” I cried out as he put the second pin in place.”I’ve set the alarm for 15 minutes. We’ll rest for that time, and then I will release the clips. Not to worry, though, I have something else in my bog to replace them.” He kissed me and held me close. My ass tingled and my nipples were on fire.  A single tear ran down my face, but I’ll be damned if I knew if that tear was for pain, humiliation, or pure joy.

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