Work Hours Submission

We work together, my Mister and I. Well, we work in the same office. I’m the head receptionist for the building and he works up on the 12th floor. I’m the one everyone sees when they first come into the building. Mister and I usually ride together, but not always, so aside from that, we rarely see each other during office hours. That does not mean, however, he is away from me. As a professional, I take pains with my 774a22c02c2addc90a98d2ff199eccf4appearance. My work wardrobe is at my discretion, however, out of respect for his preferences, I only wear skirts or dresses. I also always have my legs covered and wear only stockings and garter belts. Sometimes I wear flats, sometimes pumps, but never sandals or open toes. I am the first face that clients see when they enter, and as such I intend to give a professional, competent, trustworthy impression. The advantage to wearing such clothing as a submissive, however, is obvious. I may be very professional on the outside, but beneath I am a sexual being. My lingerie always matches – whether I wear bra and panties, camisole, corset – they always match. I smile, speak, sit, and walk with poise, even when, as is the case today, my bottom is swollen and marked from Mister’s hand and cane.

This morning Mister decided that he was in the mood to administer a good spanking.  I giggled. Nothing gets me hotter than a spanking! I was wet the moment I bent over the bed, face pressed against the mattress, bottom at the ready.  He used only his hand but still had me dancing within five minutes. Soon, I was begging for release, which he kindly allowed. Standing behind me, he pressed his cock into my wetness, bent over to tweak my nipples, and fucked me until I came again. I absolutely love having him fuck me in the morning. This means that I will have his cum in me all day long, or at least for a few hours. My panties will be damp for day, absorbing his sweetness as it slowC_8i1wOXgAAV0xaly dribbles out of me. I felt his cock swell and heard his ragged breathing. I smiled, laughed at the pure joy of his release, and milked him. He kissed me, murmured sweet words to me, then slowly eased himself free. I started to stand, but a hand on my back stopped me. “Not so fast,” he said. I stayed in position. Then I heard the whiz of the cane. I gasped, but didn’t scream. Three times the cane whipped my spanked bottom. “Thank me,” he said. I slipped to the floor, caressed his balls and sucked his cock, still salty with cum. After a few minutes, he stepped back and helped me to stand. He kissed me long and hard, my heart melting. Then, gave my bottom a quick slap and told me to be ready in fifteen minutes. He drove me to work, holding my hand and smiling. I couldn’t have stopped grinning if he’d ordered me to. “Sir,” I said as I stood behind my desk, “thank you.” He nodded, his dark eyes going a bit darker, and said, “You’re welcome. I expect you’ll think of me often today. Why don’t you come up to my office at 1:00 and we’ll have lunch together.” I smiled and answered, “Yes, sir.” Who doesn’t love a little afternoon delight.

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