Dominant Diary – Part time part 2

Two hours had passed since wC-Gh3s2U0AAbW2Fe had arrived. Lovely had still not connected with her Dom for the night, which pleased me greatly. I’d seen her get her ass tanned by three different Doms. It is prudent, I believe, to point out that all the Doms here are trusted friends. We watch out for each out and our submissives. There isn’t a man or woman here who would harm another or dismiss the omnipresent Safe Word. I too had disciplined two submisives who had incorrectly chosen me. The second had reached orgasm during the spanking, begging to help her. I’d laughed, finished the punishment, and sent her on her way. I caught sight of Lovely from behind. Her think dress showed visible signs of her own excitement. Then, she knelt before Kenny, a six foot four in talImage result for kneeling submissive womanl African American man with bulging muscles and a deep baritone voice. He came about his muscles naturally. He was a trained Navy Seal. He nodded to her, placed his hand beneath her chin. She opened her mouth as she’d been instructed to do. Kenny unzippe
d his trousers and presented his impressive cock to her. Her eyes widened and she glanced around the room, searching for me. Kenny squeezed her chin and said, “Mine, Lovely. You are Mine until sunrise. Now, make your Master proud, he’ll always be watching and listening. Trust me.” I saw the moment when understanding entered her. Her body softened and she nodded. Just then a beautiful, tiny, Indian woman knelt before me. She was mine. I repeated the actions I’d just witness with Kenny and Lovely. This woman, Nadia, had a gifted tongue and a hot mouth. Because I was already so turned on, I couldn’t stop myself. Within minutes I lost my first load. Nadia licked her lips and sat back on her knees, waiting. Her Master, Jake, had trained her very, very well. I held out my hand. Both Kenny and I let the women to a picnic table which had the capacity be be spread apart and turned into two spanking benches. We positioned the womenNot only is this picnic table great for outdoor eating, but it easily converts into two cute garden benches. The picnic table’s top folds down to create the back of the bench, for a relaxing seat.: so they could not see each other. We bound them in place with their beautiful asses pointed upward – the perfect position for either a spanking or a fucking. I marked sweet Nadia’s pretty brown toned bottom with my hand and my belt. Kenny marked Lovely’s creamy white bottom with a birch switch and a wooden spoon. Her sobs of both pain and pleasure shot to my cock and it wasn’t long before I entered Nadia. She was tight, small, and ever so hot. She begged me to fuck her more, harder, to make her come – which I did numerous times. Finally, I too came, pulling out and spraying my white cream over her dark, reddish ass. What a beautiful contrast! I glanced back around and saw Kenny pressing his cock into Lovely’s back door. She moaned, cried out, but also was pressing her hips back. I laughed. She did so love a good ass fucking. By the time sunrise broken, we were all exhausted. Our host, Kenny, graciously invited everyone to rest at his home for the day. We, however, opted to return home after thanking him for his hospitality. Lovely fell asleep in the car. We reached our condo without incident then we both showered. I tucked her into bed where she snuggled against my chest. There truly is no more comfort that holding a well loved and used woman in your arms.

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