Spring Rules

Spring has sprung and with it a new set of rules. Naturally, the House Rules remain in place, but in addition, Milord has established 5 new ones. He came up with 10 actually, and I chose which 5 I would be willing to follow.

  1.  In an effort to improve my posture, I will wear a corset or waist cincher daily.
  2.  In an effort to better budget my time, I will use a computer or smartphone no more than 2 hours each day. I will keep track of my time on a log.
  3. When given permission to wear panties, they must match the corset or waist cincher.
  4. Aside from when I am at work, I will not wear a bra unless given specific permission to do so.
  5. Masturbation is forbidden unless under direct orders from Milord.


These may seem simple in comparison to some of my other rules, but trust me, they will be challenging. I mean have you ever tried to put on a corset by yourself??? and no masturbating – especially when Milord goes out of town for a week???  You should all look forward to reading about the punishments soon to come 🙂 2015 - 1



4 thoughts on “Spring Rules

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