I am his and He is mine. I have given him the gift of my submission and he has given me the gift of his dominance. You see, we are in a symbiotic state. I am nothing without him and he is nothing without me. No, that’s not true and far too melodramatic. I am something without him, but not complete. He completes me, helps me to feel full – literally as well as figuratively. He is with me – figuratively always. He is in my mind and my heart – figuratively. Literally, he text me, calls me, and is with me as often as possible. The first thing he does when he is with me is strip me. The second – gives me an orgasm or five. The third – fills me in one hole or another. Only then does he allow me to pleasure him. He always sees to my pleasure first. Perhaps this is because after an orgasm (or five) I much more amiable to his directives and much less concerned about the world and my own mundane issues. After he has granted me pleasure, I am willing, eager even, to wear his plug for hours. I hunger for the taste of his flesh and, upon his pleasure, his seed. I yearn to be on knees or spread them for his desire. I am fulfilled when his renewed cock fills my body. And when I sleep in his arms, I am, as cliche as it sounds, whole.

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