Bells on my Nips

0590984f6f5bdfc339b5af060cf28b9dLast winter I finally agreed to have my nipples pierced. This was something Mister had wanted for a long time, but I was hesitant. Like most ideas, he was right. Now that they have completely healed, I LOVE the fact that he can play with them in brand new ways. For example, today he attached lovely silver bells to them. It’s a “naked day” for both of us (his idea). This doesn’t mean I’m free from my chores, though. After all, we still need to eat! Every move I make causes the little bells to tinkle slightly. For such small little things, they sure do make a lot of noise. There is no way I can sneak anywhere! Which is now a problem – at least for me – because Mister has ordered that I stand perfectly still with my hands clasped behind my back. That’s it. I just stand still while he works on his computer. Here’s the catch. For each time he hears that tell-tale little tinkle, I will receive five spankings. Sure, I was all smug when Mister first thought up the game, but now – now I’m up to 45 spankings and Mister is only about half warolling up sleevesy through answering e-mails! At least this is a game and not a punishment, so it won’t be so harsh. Besides, he’s promised to use only his hand. I LOVE his hand on my ass! The feel of his skin making contact with mine – O! M! G! The very thought of it makes me all warm inside. I feel a tell-tale “tear” running down my inner thigh and I wiggle again. Fifty. Fifty spankings now.

He looks up at me, smiles, and makes another tally mark. He shuts down the computer, stands, rolls up his sleeve, and asks if I’m ready.

Yep. I’m so very, very ready!

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