Art Exposed

You look lovely, now stop fidgeting.

I’m sorry. I’m just not used to being this exposed, especially not at an art opening.

Well now, that’s good. But I like you this exposed and you did agree to it.

I know. And I’ll keep my word. About everything. I wasn’t complaining, Sir, just tell you how I feel.

And how do you feel about wearing that very short dress and heels and that’s all?

Vulnerable, embarrassed, obedient.

And does that excite you?

Yes, sir. It does.

Good. Because you are about to be even more exposed. Keep your hands behind your back and your eyes on me.

Yes, sir.Ck8DFaoXEAAVZDZ

Now that is a pretty breast.

Sir, people are looking.

Yes. They are. This is my studio, my opening, my art, and my submissive. Let them look.

oh god

Eyes on me. Do you want me to stop?

No, Sir. I want, I very much want, you to do as you wish even if I don’t like it.

That’s my girl. Now, smile. You’ve made me proud.


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