Rule #1 – Wear only Skirts or Dresses

This is my first Rule of Summer. Wear only skirts or dresses – no shorts or pants. I really thought I’d hate this rule, but it turns out, I rather like it. First, dresses are cool – literally. More air flow! Second. Mister has easy access to my nether parts. Third – well, see Second! Yesterday, Mister decided to take me out for the day. We would hit an art museum, lunch, do some some shopping, have dinner then clubbing maybe.  I cho
se one of his favorite dresses, a very demure little white and pink number. It’s light and comfortable. He even allowed me to wear a white lace bra beneath it – no undies, though! Before we head out, he tells me to bend over a living room chair and flips my skirt up. I’m not surprised at all. He often likes to give me a “going out” spanking – which I love! And, sure enough, his hand comes down on my upturned bottom. He usually goes easy on me, but not today. Nope. Since we’ll be gone all day, he says, he wants to make sure my bottom stays pink for a long time. I grab onto the arms of the chair and bite my lip. I’m panting now, my ass burning from his touch.

“That’s it. Nice and pink now,” he says. Then I hear the tell tale metallic zip. He enters me and all the pain from the spanking goes away. I can’t explain how much I love his thick, long cock inside of me. The way it stretches me, fills me, pleases me. He begins to move in and out, but the spanking isn’demur dresst over. He keeps right on slapping my cheeks with each thrust. It’s all too much and I come.

“That’s right. Come for me, Come all over my cock, girl.”

I’m calling his name now, begging for more. His hand is as relentless as his cock. I hear his breathing speed up and he pushed deep, shooting inside of me.

“Yes!” I cry out, always grateful when he comes inside of me.

He finishes, kisses me, stand me up and lets my dress fall into place. Suddenly I realize what he’s done. Without panties on, his cum will drip out of me, forming a wet spot that I won’t be able to hide in this white dress! Even when it dries, it will leave a spot! He laughs when he sees my face, knowing I’ve just figured out his plan. My face flames with embarrassment and I want to beg him to let me clean myself up, but it’s no use. So instead, I rise up on my toes and kiss him. If he’s happy, I’m happy, and trust me, he was a very happy Mister.

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