Summer Rules

In honor of Memorial Day, Mister decided it was time I post my Summer Rules. Aside from a few slip ups during the Spring, I followed those fairly well, so these rules – thank you! – will not be  punished as severely unless, Mister reminds me, broken rules become a habit.

  1.  Since it’s summer – no pants or shorts – only skirts or dresses.
  2. No panties can be worn at any time, with the exception of my bikini bottoms if we are in public.
  3. A bra may be worn only with permission.
  4. Each morning and night I will have a cock in my mouth – either Mister’s or someone of his choosing.
  5. When exercising, I will be in the nude.
  6. My pussy will be clean shaven at all times.
  7. I will drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (I tend to forget this!)
  8. When Mister inserts a plug into me, only he may remove it. I may not remind him it is inside of me or beg to have it removed.
  9. Naturally, Mister has use of my body in any way he chooses, at any time. No complaints unless I am ill or in pain.
  10. I will avoid being in the sun for prolonged periods of time, and if exposed to the sun, will wear the heaviest sunblock available, which must be reapplied every 45 minutes. (I am VERY fair skinned!)

If any of these rules are broken, I will, naturally, receive a punishment. Ten minutes of OTK spanking, figging, forced nudity, or 5 minutes of the clover clamps will begin the punishments. If I continue to break rules (three times is my limit before more severe punishments will begin), I will be subjected to 5 hard strokes of the cane to be increased by 2 for each additional infraction, figged in both my ass and pussy (possibly even clit!), forced nudity – at least to some degree – in public (I HATE this), and up to 10 munites of the clover clamps. Any of these could be combined with others.

waiting in white

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