Welcome Home

1God, I’ve missed Him. He’s been gone for two but today he came home. I wanted to show Him, really show Him, just how much I missed him. I set everything up and when he walked in the door, there I was, naked, kneeling, head bowed. I expect him to come to me. I expect him to stand, to tell me to attend to him. I expect him to see that I am desperate for him. I am so very right and so very wrong. He does come to me, but he too drops to the floor and pulls me into his arms, he kisses me, touches me gently, smells my hair, whispers how much he loves me. He glances around our apartment and notices all that I’ve done. The candles lit, the whips and paddles on the dresser, the bed turned down, even silken scarves laid out. He laughs a bit and picks me up. He carries me to the bed, trying to take his clothes off at the same time. I’m laughing now, but together we manage to make it to the bed safely. Within moments, his clothing is strewn around the room. He kneels on the bed and I see his big, beautiful cock. My mouth waters. I want it so badly!! “Please,” I ask, beg really.

“Whatever you want,” He answers.

And so I take it. I taste him, lick him, devour him. I suck, kiss, touch, massage. He puts a hand on my head and I glance up at him. He’s looking at me, his eyes dark as coal and an expression of pure joy on his face. I lift my lips long enough to beg again, “Please.”

I am His. I have chosen to Serve Him because this makes me happy. He knows this and treats me like a princess, giving me everything I want. He wastes no time. He g15 - 1ives me what I want. My mouth again captures his cock and I go down deep, as deep as I can. I suck, teasing his hole with my tongue. He groans and pushes my head down further. I almost gag, but the momentary discomfort is so worth it. Hot, sweet cream flows down my throat and I swallow, drinking of Him whom I love. When he’s drained, I kneel back on my heels and smile up at him.

“Welcome home.”

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