First Class Boot Camp – Reviewed

My Ard Ri was as strict as he had promised and I had just a wonderful-est (is that a word?) weekend as I thought I would. That is not to say, however, that there weren’t moments and plenty of them when I wasn’t particularly comfortable. Let me describe one of those moments and what I learned from it.  It was Saturday afternoon and I was starting to get hungry. I knew I wasn’t allowed out of the room, but I had hoped, like dinner the night before, that Ard Ri would call room service. Today, however, he’d made no move to pick up the phone. He had already fucked my pussy and come in it once, stretched my anus with a plug, and administered 100 spankings bare handed. I was in that lovely sub attitude where I would unhesitatingly agree to just about anything. All morning I’d only made one mistake. My Ard Ri had yet to punish me for it, but I knew he would in his own time, and in his own way.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I looked up at him, startled.

“Get on the bed, first spanking position.”brown hair

I hesitated. Silent (I’d gotten in trouble once for speaking), I begged with my eyes. I absolutely hate being displayed before anyone’s eyes but his.

“That’s your second punishment, little one. Get in position before room services knocks a second time or you will regret it.”

Okay. I get it. I scurried into position, grateful that at least I could cover my face and the waiter wouldn’t see me blushing.

“Your lunch, Sir.” I heard a male voice speak. “I hope you enjoy it.

“Thank you, I’m sure I will. And thank you for being so prompt. Tell me, is the ginger fresh as I requested?”

Ginger?? Oh Sweet Jesus.

“Yes, Sir. Fresh shipment this morning. Might I ask what it’s use?”

“Certainly. You see, my wife and I both needed re-connecting with our vows. In particular the vow that she would obey and I would lead. This ginger will act as a reminder that she has pledged her body for my pleasure. That through submission she finds her own peace, her own pleasure, her own higher purpose. Earlier this morning she spoke, disobeying an agreed upon rule. This is her punishment.”

“I see. My girlfriend and I have a similar arrangement, Sir, but I’ve never used ginger. I will have to research that.”

“Would you like a demonstration?”

OMg!!! I wanted to die I was so embarrassed. I squealed a bit, but the Ard Ri placed his hand on the small of my back. He explained to our curious waiter about my dislike of public nudity, but for his sake I was willing to obey. As he said these things, I could smell the tangy scent of fresh ginger and knew he must be peeling a finger of the herb. He spread my cheeks, revealing my entire private area, and continued to explain that the natural plug would at first feel cool but then begin to burn. The sensation would increase if I clenched against it. The heat would be more intense if the ginger were fresh. While I would feel a terrible burn for about 20 minutes, the juices of the ginger would in no way injure the soft tissue of my body. He then inserted it into my anus. I began to pant.

“Little One, do you feel the heat?”

“Yes, Ard Ri,” I whimpered and wiggled my bottom. I hated the idea of being displayed like this for a stranger to see, but I knew better than to disobey.

I couldn’t stop the whimpering. The heat was intense. Tears leaked down my face and were absorbed into the soft cotton sheet. The waiter again thanked my Ard Ri and I heard the door shut.

Ard Ri kissed my neck and whispered to me. “Good girl. Just so that you know, that water was a friend of mine. I would never expose you in such a vulnerable position to a complete stranger. Now, come kneel at my feet and I will feed you your lunch. You will keep that fig inside of you while you eat. If it slips out, I will have you reline on the bed rather than knee and place a sliver over your clit as well as that fig in your bottom hole. Understood?”

“Yes, Ard Ri.”

I managed to keep the plug it while he feed me soup and bread, but only by clenching tightly. Tears covered my face, but my pussy was even wetter. After lunch, he removed the fig. He finger fucked my anus first with one, then two, then three fingers. I screamed my orgasms, begging for his cock. (He allowed me to beg during orgasm! Thank the Lord!)

What did I learn? That through obedience I do indeed find my pleasure. That my love, my King, my Ard Ri, does indeed know what is best for me and how to give me the most intense feelings. That even when He chooses to humiliate me, forcing me to do something that I am not comfortable with, he does so with my best interest at heart. That he was 100% correct. Through submission to him I transcend the world’s clothing and become the person I want to be.


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