Never Forget

Never forget that you agreed to this and you are free to end that agreement at any time.

He said these words to me just before issuing an order for me to strip. He’s right. i did agree. This week – 7 full days – i would live as his 24/7 obedient slave. Sexually anyway. He would ttumblr_lw3hfbRO5k1qij4o1o1_540reat me like a princess in every other way, but sexually, i committed myself to answering his every command. i also had the power to end that agreement in which case we would simply enjoy the vacation like regular people. But no, i didn’t want that. i wanted this. i want to be at his beck and call. i want to be pushed beyond my normal limits. i want to let go of my pride, my sense of individualism, my hold on social norms. i want to obey, but sometimes i just can’t. Sometimes, i NEED him to discipline me so that i know he is serious. So that he will be strong when i am weak. Like now.

We have dinner reservations for 7:30 and he has just told me that i am to wear shoes and a coat. That’s it. Nothing beneath. i stared at him – open mouth. i can’t believe he wants me to go out in public wearing NOTHING but my coat and shoes. i argue with him and what does that get me? a reminder.

Never forget you agreed to this and you are free to end this agreement at abeltny time. However, if you are not going to end it, bed over that chair and accept your punishment for hesitating to obey.

i lick my lips. Undecided. i know that for every moment i remain undecided will be a moment that i am punished for. Straightening my spine and my resolve, i nod and bend over the chair. He takes off his belt. 8. Eight minutes i hesitated and so 8 stripes i receive. He wipes my tears, hands me my coat, buttons three buttons, then takes me o
ut the door. Yes, he understand me and yes, he is strong enough for me. Now that i have been chastised, i feel alive and his. i am pure.

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