Needing a Revew

Boy do I have a deal for you. I will give you and advanced copy of Tasting Pleasure (release date is February 2) and all you have to do is comment that you would like it. Oh, and promise to write a review – that’s it! Tasting Pleasure has been re-released and updated from it’s original 2010 format. Nonetheless, it still tells the story of Alicia, a young American who follows her husband to England only to end up alone and divorced when he decides he’d rather be with his lover – another man! Forced to rely on her wits, Alicia uses her skills in the culinary arts to become a person chef. She never suspects that her first client, Mr. Devonshire, will grow to love not only her food but also her. If that isn’t awesome enough, he also releases her innate, primal senses when he introduces her to the world of BDSM. Just comment below and by Sunday night, you could have a copy in your own eager hands.


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