Blind Pleasure

She is perfect. Dependent, lovely, humble, eager, obedient. At least now she is. Earlier today, not so much. Which explains why she is having a difficult time sitting stc40dc092924c2c688add9ce025bb1f26ill. Okay, one of the reasons. I had already planned on her wearing the plug all evening – the medium metal one. I know it is slightly uncomfortable which is why I selected it. I wanted her to feel it every moment of our time out together.

Now don’t for one minute think that I am some kind of monster. My Lady knew exactly what she was doing today. It was, in fact, she who set her own rules. I am simply her chosen enforcer if you will.

The first Friday of every month several art galleries open their doors, exhibiting new artists and providing refreshment. I love the way the plug reminders her of my possession of her. Besides, she walks taller and more gracefully when she wears it. I promised my Lady that we go tonight and enjoy the Mardi Gras theme. She loves dressing up and I assured her I would dress her in accordance with the theme. Earlier I presented her with her costume – a corset, flowing skirt, and a mask. Oh, not the average Mardi Gras mask. No. This was a full blindfold. My Lady would certainly accompany me, but she would see very, very little. I told her that I would allow her five minutes to view each gallery then I would again slip the mask in place and she would be dependent upon me for her vision. For some reason, she balked at this idea. That, was unfortunate. Had she said her safeword, I would have not continued with my plan, but she did not say it. Instead, she complained and talked back. That is something a Lady should not do.

Naturally, Discipline had to be used. Once she saw I was intent, she begged forgiveness. I love to hear her beg. Naturally, no mercy was given. I never give mercy, nor does she expect it from me. As I said, I would honor her safeword, and she knows that as well. I told her to turn around and kneel by the side of the bed. I was pleased when she obeyed. I took off my belt and secured her arms. Then, I tossed the crop onto the bed so she could see what I would be using. While she waited, I dressed for the evening. I enjoy making her wait, hearing her whimper and beg for mercy until she finally accepts her fate. Then, I raised the crop. Five stinging blows I dealt. Five perfect marks across her perfect bottom.

Looking at her now, blindfolded, standing beside me, her hand on my arm, I can’t help but smile. Each touch I give her makes her jump just a little. I enjoy having her off balance, tender, responsive. She is nervous. I can tell because she keeps licking her lips or biting the bottom one. I believe it may be time to leave. I have a wonderful idea for that mouth for the drive home. Perhaps I’ll leave the blindfold on her – at least through her first few orgasms.

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