So you think you want to be a submissive

So you think you want to be a submissive? Here’s a few questions and thoughts which might help you decide. Trust me, this is just scratching the surface of the complex world of a submissive.

  1.  Are you strong? Not physically, but emotionally? Are you strong enough to put another person’s needs before your own? To relinquish your power – all except the power to use your safeword?
  2. Do you take direction well? A large part of being a submissive is obedience.
  3. Can you accept punishment? For those times why you disobey either intentionally or unintentionally, there will be consequences. You must be willing to accept these consequences humbly, willingly, and gracefully.
  4. Are you patient? Another large part of being  submissive to another is to wait. Wait for that person’s pleasure, his/her decisions, his/her commands, his/her praise.
  5. Are you intelligent? Seriously, I know this sounds rude, but honestly, a good submissive must be able to think for her/himself with the best interest of both partners in mind. Dominant are not perfect. No one is. They often need as much guidance as the submissive does, just in a different way.
  6. Can you communicate well? This, dear ones, is key. Your dominant simply must know what you think, what you feel, what you need, what you want, what fears lie inside of you, what dreams lie there as well. He/She is not a mind reader. If He/She can’t give you these things if you don’t communicate them clearly.


2 thoughts on “So you think you want to be a submissive

  1. Thank you for this. As a newbie to a TPE situation this is very helpful and and useful to begin journaling about this journey. I’m finding the hardest part for me is patience in all areas. If I may ask, how does a sub contact a Dom if no rule is set? Currently as a babygirl I almost always await for Daddy to reach out to me. Occasionally I may send the first text but it’s more Hom. I guess I see as if He wants total control then it’s up to Him how things go. So far he hasn’t said anything. What are your thoughts? We have yet to meet as we met online.


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