Good Morning

rolling up sleevesThis morning, Mister decided that he wanted to add a bit of the glow of the season to my day. Who am I to put a damper on festivities! I was in the kitchen getting read to cook breakfast when he decided I was overdressed. Naturally, I complained (Yep, I’m a mouthy one!) which I knew would not go unnoticed. Huffing, I took off my jeans, panties and top. That was when he stopped me. He said he liked the red bra and didn’t want to take the chance of bacon grease popping on my tits. He also, thoughtfully, tied an apron around my waist. Standing back, he nodded approval. I mouthed off again, wiping the smile right off his face. That was when he grabbed my arm and bent me over the table. Oh yeah. This is what I wanted. A nice morning spanking. What I didn’t expect, however, was the hard splat of the plastic spatula! I wiggled and stomped my feet and tried to stand up. Holy Cow that thing stings!

Mister was having none of that. He put one hand on my back between my shoulder blades and told me that if I didn’t control myself that I’d be tied to the table. I HATE being tied, so I tried my best to obey. Over and over again he spanked me until I was sobbing, limp, and in a very obedient frame of mind. Finally, he stopped and I heard the tell-tale sound of a zipper. I fully expected him to fuck me. After all, my pussy was dripping with wetness. Instead, he said, “Kneel.”

Nothing turns me into an obedient submissive faster than a good hard spanking, so I immediately dropped to my knees. There it was. His glorious, beautiful cock. I opened my mouth and took him in. He grabbed a handful of my hair but let me set the rhythm. It didn’t take long for him to come and I swallowed every drop greedily.

“That’s a good girl,” he praised. “Now, finish breakfast. After we eat and the table is cleaned off, I want you back in position. Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll either eat you for dessert, spank you some more, or fuck you without mercy. Maybe I’ll do all three. I like your ass red. It matches the bra and looks quite festive.”

Gotta love the holidays!Motherspanker-e1336927406396

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