Beneath the surface.

To look at, I’m a proper housewife going about my business. This is exactly the image but Husband and I want to present because, quite honestly, that is all anyone else needs to know.

To this end, when I am in public I am always well dressed but not pretentions. I don’t call attention to myself. I use light make-up because that’s what I like. I laugh, smile, hold doors open, chat, sip coffee, and do all the normal things anyone else does.

Today, for example, I’m doing a grocery run. Yes, I dress up a bit for grocery shopping but only so much as I feel comfortable with. I love wearing skirts, dress, but also tailored slacks. I’m comfortable in these clothes.

That said, I’m still Husband’s wife and submissive, and at times, what is going on under the surface it what’s really important.

Husband was feeling particularly dommy today, so inside my bra cup is a studded nipple cover. It’s made of silicone little pokes which press into my flesh. They are uncomfortable but not at all painful. By the time I get home and Husband sees my breasts again, they will be marked with a halo of indentions around my nipples.

I love it.

I also have on a chain around my waist with an attachment to my thighs. I feel it move with every step I take, reminding me that I have chosen to be “chained” to a man whom I have loved for the last 16 years.

I love it.

I am wearing underwear today, although I don’t always. I’m wearing it because I’m also wearing a plug in my anus which my Love inserted just before I left the house. He did this the help the cum he’d just given me would stay in place until I return home where He can, if he chooses, remove the plug and allow the cum to slowly drip down my legs. I adore that feeling but not in public, so he is gracious enough to help me keep it in place until we are alone together.

I love it.

As soon as I get home, I’m going to remove my clothing. He will inspect my breasts to see if they look like how he wanted them to. If they don’t, he’ll have me put on the bra for a bit longer. He’ll also have me bend over the kitchen counter and remove the plug so his cum can begin it’s slow descent down my thighs. I’ll clean the plug while he puts the groceries away.

If I’ve gotten everything on the list, he’ll reward me by allowing me to orgasm as he eats my pussy. If I’ve forgotten something (which I often purposely do!) he’ll “punish” me by taking a plastic spatula to my ass, inserting a bigger plug, and making me return to the store to purchase the forgotten item. Maybe today would be a good day for that! It’s been weeks since I’ve had a good spanking.

So, the next time you see a very ordinary looking person, don’t assume that they are, indeed, ordinary. If you look beneath the surface, you might discover that they are some of the happiest, kinkiest people in the world.

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