All about that A**

Felicity loved anal. She adored how “invaded” it made her feel, how completely submissive she became the moment He used her anus, how explosively she orgasmed whenever He used her anus for His pleasure or if He inserted something into it. That said, she absolutely hated anal punishments.

The humiliation of such punishments, though, reinforced the lesson He wished her to learn. Of course, He’d never punish her without her permission, which she willingly gave. She had, after all, pushed Him to the point where He deemed this necessary.

She had presented herself to Him in His office after all the other employees had left. He had ordered her to remove her dress and bend over His desk, which she had done. Her punishment was to last, He told her, from 5:30 p.m. Friday until 7:00 a.m. Monday. Being punished at work added to her shame, but at least He waited until after everyone else had left and or before everyone else would arrive.

He began by lubing her anus with ginger paste. The burn began immediately, causing Felicity to wiggle and moan which earned her ten hard slaps on her ass before He pressed in another gob of the paste.

“Recite,” He commanded.

Sniff. “I was late for work every day this week. I took my lunch break without transferring your calls to Margie. I yelled at you at home. I didn’t make or offer coffee to Mr. Randall.”

All of this was true. She had been taking advantage of the fact that He, her husband, was also my boss. She don’t know what she was thinking, but her behavior had been totally bitchy, not to mention unprofessional.

“Which is why your punishment begins here in my office.”

He had worked the paste in as far as he could and her back door was screaming! She was panting and her eyes were watering.

“Continue. And don’t stop the narrative until you’re finished.”

She felt the cold tip of the metal plug press against her opening as He slowly slid it inside of her.

“Only my ass will be used. My ass and my anus, I mean. Um, I’ll be plugged for a minimum of 2 hours at a time. omgthatburns. Um. You will employ the use of various plugs, fuck my anus, and clean it out completely throughout the weekend.”

The cold plug was fully seated and He had begun to spank her ass, each slapping sound reverberating around his office as she struggled to continue her recitation.

“Ow! Um. I can use my safeword, but I cannot complain. I will learn – OW! – that when I behave like an ass, my ass – OW! will suffer the consequences.”

The spanking stopped.

“And is that a fair punishment?” He asked.

“It is, Sir,” Felicity admitted.

“Well done. Now, put your dress back on. We’ll go to dinner then home. When we get there, what will happen?”

Felicity sniffed, then stood and grabbed her dress. She pulled it over her head, flipped her hair out of the collar, adjusted it, then stood up straight. Looking Him straight in the eye, she said, “I will undress and go into the bathroom. There, I will prepare a soapy enema being sure to fill the bucket completely. You will then remove the plug and administer the enema. You will stay in the room when I eliminate. Next, I will prepare a clean water enema which you will again administer and watch as I eliminate. This will be repeated until the elimination is clear of any soap residue.”

He nodded and twirled His hand indicating she should continue.

“I will then go to the bedroom, lie on top of pillows with my ass in the air so that you have easy access. You will fuck my ass and cum inside of me. I am not allowed to come. You will plug my ass again for two hours. At 10:30, I will ask you to remove the plug. If I’ve behaved, you will. If I have not, or if you feel I deserve it, you will use a paddle on my ass and then remove the plug.”

“Yes,” He held her hand as they began to walk to the car. “And tomorrow?”

Felicity blushed, but whispered, “I will lube my anus as soon as I wake up so that you may again fuck it. After it has been filled with your cum, you will plug it again for another two hours. I’ll get a few hours break before you administer another enema. This one will be held in with a retention plug until I’ve managed to suck your cock to your satisfaction.”


She took a breath. “You’ll watch as I eliminate. You will then decide if I need another enema. I’ll then bring you the ginger paste which, by the way, burns like hell, and you will use it to lube up another, larger plug for insertion. When you decide, that will be removed for a few hours before being reinserted. If I’ve been good, you’ll fuck my ass before we go to sleep. If not, I’ll be flogged first.”

“And Sunday?”

“Basically a repeat of Saturday except I’ll have to wear the plug to church.”

“That’s correct. And Monday?”

She gulped and winced a bit as she sat down in the car then waited for him to slide behind the wheel before she continued. “I’ll be wearing a plug to work. If you feel I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll bend over your desk where you will allow me one orgasm before taking the plug out.”

He turned into traffic and said, “And if I feel you haven’t learned?”

Felicity held his free hand before answering, giving it a grateful squeeze. “Then I’ll keep the plug in until tell me I can remove it. I’ll clean it in your private bathroom. After lunch, you will reinsert it and the cycle will continue for another two days.”

“And you’re good with this punishment?” He asked as he pulled into a parking spot.

Felicity grinned. “Well, if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have suggested it.”

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