Demonstration Class

“I’m waiting.”

I blushed, knowing I had a decision to make. I could obey or I could safeword out. The decision was mine, but I would have to make it quickly.

I stood and lifted my dress, revealing my neatly trimmed privates to Sir and any who cared to look. I blushed even more, knowing that the man closest to me could probably smell the scent of excitement I could not hide. His wife, standing behind me, whispered, “Be strong and remember, by obeying, you do him proud.”

Sir had invited a group of dominants in training over for an afternoon tea and a demonstration of the dynamics between a well trained sub and her master. Jen’s words gave me the strength I needed. My behavior would not shock anyone here, nor would anyone touch me without Sir’s permission and, through him, mine as well. I was safe.

I stood a bit straighter, but kept my eyes respectfully lowered. Sir explained the psychological effects of mild humiliation and semi-public display to the others while I stood in place. I was shaking, but remained as Sir wanted.

“Now, lift the back of your dress.”

I bit my lip and obeyed. The men and one woman oohed and aahed at the marks on my ass and upper thighs, proof of Sir’s expertise with a cane.

“Go ahead, feel the ridges. Notice that no two ridges overlap.”

My eyes began to tear up when I felt hands on my skin, but still I remained in place. As they poked and prodded, Sir explained.

“I want to swipe hard enough to raise the skin so that she feels the effects for a day or two, but I have no desire to break the skin. If you break your toy, you can’t play with it for a while, you see.”

The people chuckled. Sir undressed me completely and had me lie face down on the table. I heard him retrieve the came and handed it around so they could all feel the weight and smoothness of the wood.

“I’ve left the upper part of her ass untouched for this demonstration. It’s essential, however, you never, ever strike the lower back as that can cause real harm.

“Gently lay the cane where you want to strike, press down slightly so you both know where the blow will be. I like to tap the area a few times before. . .”

I heard the swish of air then felt the fire.

“bringing the cane down with just enough force. Now watch as the white turns red and then. . . there it is.”

His class clapped, impressed with his skill.

“And look at that,” he continued, dipping his finger down my slit. I bit my lip to remain silent. “You can see that, despite the discomfort, my darling reacts beautiful.”

Three more strikes finished his demonstration and had me in tears, yet I remained in place, quietly sobbing. Shortly thereafter he bid his guests farewell and walked them to the door.

“You did well,” he praised, gently pushing my legs wide open. “I’m not quite ready to fuck you yet, though, but as a reward. . “He inserted first one, then two, then three fingers into my sopping wet pussy. I moaned with pleasure and began to buck against him.

“That’s it. That’s my girl. Want more?”

“yes” I whispered.

He added a fourth finger. My pussy was stretched to the point of pain and still I wanted more. I wanted more. I wanted his cock. I wanted him.

I screamed, pleasure erasing any pain I had felt, any discomfort, and when the wave retreated, I was left wet and boneless.

Sir removed his fingers and allowed me to suck them clean.

“Well done. Now, let’s clean up here and then you’ll go to the bed and lie on your back, spread eagle, hmmm?”

I smiled up and him, and answered, “Of course, Sir. Of course.”

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