TPE – 24 hours – 4

I was exhausted in a way I had never been before. I was also happy and content in a way I’d never been before. Once again, I was snuggled in Aidan’s arms, cuddled on my bed, with my body beautifully sore, still wearing my collar even though it was well past our 5:00 p.m. cut off for Aidan’s birthday gift of my Total Power Exchange.

“Aidan?” I asked hesitantly.


“Sweetheart, do you think, maybe, we can do this more than just on your birthday?” my voice was quiet and small. I couldn’t believe I was asking him that.

He kissed the top of my head and answered, “Oh, I think so. Tell you what, you decide when you want this again and just say the word.”

I snuggled deeper into him, kissed his chest, and smiled, my mind going back over the day.

After I’d successfully swallowed all of Aidan’s cum, I realized that I had, in fact, had every hole filled with not only his cock, but his come. This pleased me greatly and I took a quick little nestled between his legs. I was roused when he stood.

“Ass in the air again, Kim,” he stated. Again, he lubed and plugged my ass, this time, though, I felt something cold between my thighs. I glanced between my legs and saw a metal chain dangling.

“How’s that plug feel?” he asked while buckling wrist and ankle cuffs onto me.

“Very thick!” I answered.

“Yep. there are two petal like things on the end that opened up inside of you. I’m attaching a leash to the chain. You’ll like that, won’t you.”

I gulped and answered, “I don’t know, but I’m willing to give it a try.”

He laughed again and told me to keep up. He was going to take me for a “walk.”

I worked my way over to the couch, feeling the tug of the plug to direct me. I got to my feet and Aiden pulled the leash through my legs. Wherever he went, I went, cuffed, collared, plugged and leashed. I couldn’t have been happier. The fog of submissiveness had thinned, but it was still present and I meekly followed him throughout the house and garage as he worked on this project or that.

Every now and then he would pinch a nipple or flick the bell hanging from one. He’d finger fuck me until I came or have me suck his cock for a while. He didn’t come again, which didn’t surprise me. I mean, he’d already come three times in about 14 hours, so how much cum can a man have?

He walked me to the kitchen so I could fix us a late lunch. He had me kneel by him and he fed me bits by hand and held down his glass so I could sip water. When he finished, he looped the end of the leash through my collar and told me to clean up. I could hear him putter around in the dinning room while I washed the few dishes.

He called me back into the dinning room and had me bend over the table. He used the cuffs to bind me to ropes he’d looped under it so that my ankles and wrists were attached to each other but he’d left enough slack for me to not be stretched. I could wiggle, but unless he unbound me, I couldn’t leave this position easily.

“I threatened this ass with a spanking earlier, didn’t I?” he asked.

I gulped and felt my labia moisten. “Yes, but I swallowed everything!”

“You did,” he admitted with a gentle pat to my ass. “Which is why Kaleb isn’t here. I, however, have an acute desire to see that ass a beautiful shade of scarlet.”

I blanched and rested my forehead on the cool table. He began with his hand then moved on to a leather paddle. Soon, I was sobbing, but I could also feel the moisture growing between my legs. My skin was fiery hot and felt tight, swollen even. Still, he kept paddling me until I was screeching and begging him for mercy. Panting and sweating, he knelt in front of my face, grinning with pride.

“You have no idea how beautiful that red ass is, Kim. Now, you have a choice. Ass or pussy fucked?”

I licked my lip, my head in a thick fog, sniffed, and said, “I don’t want a choice, Aid. I want to accept whatever you decide.”

He kissed me, hard, and a moment later, the plug was removed and his cock replaced it. I lost count of the number of times I came, but Aidan took his time. He’d fuck for a while, spank for a while, squat between my splayed legs and lick for a while. Eventually, when I was sure I’d die of pleasure, he came, filling my ass one last time with his cum.

He untied me, helped me to stand, then carried me to the bathroom where he set me on the stool. he took a quick shower, then filled the tub with hot water and sweet oil. He helped me sit down, murmuring to me, as he gently sponged my body.


My asshole ached, my ass cheeks were tender, my nipples were swollen, and my last thought before falling asleep was that I’d never been happier.

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