TPE – 24 hours – 3

I woke up suddenly the next morning, a thick, long cock already in my wet pussy. Seeing I was now awake, Aiden began to fuck me harder. I reached my hands up to his chest, but he quickly grasped then and pushed them above my head. I entwined my fingers through his, a bit drowsily.

“OHMYGOD,” I squealed, snapping fully out of sleep with a massive, earth shattering, world erasing orgasm.

Aidan shouted, “FUCK!” and spilled into me so quickly that I actually felt the searing heat of his cum shoot into my welcoming tunnel.

He rolled off of me and laughed. “We need to start our days like that more often!”

“Absolutely!” I agreed.

I rolled over, kissed him, and then suggested I go make coffee. I stood and grabbed my robe.

“Nope.” I stopped. No coffee? “No robe. You’re not to cover yourself or shower until I tell you you can.” My mouth dropped open. “I love seeing bits of dried cum on your neck, back, and thighs.”

I bit my lip and nodded. I hated it, but had to admit, kinda loved that he loved it. Luckily, after breakfast, we showered together.

“How’s your ass?” he asked, tapping a slick, soap covered finger against it.

“Tender, but not as sore as I thought it would be,” I admitted.

We toweled each other off and he applied lotion to my body. He grabbed my hand and ushered me into the living room where he’d dropped my purse last night.

“Kneel down,” he ordered. I did so. The tone of his voice was different and struck a beautiful chord in my body. I was transported back to last night and a submissive fog crept into my mind. I watched as he pulled out a set of nipple ornament with draw string attachments and dangling bells. He pinched and tweaked my nipples until he was satisfied then attached the clips. They were tight, they had to be to stay put, but not painful. Humming he then buckled a collar around my neck. I’d never felt so sexy in all my life.

He stood in front of me and I opened my mouth. He looked down, smiled, and said, “You’ll suck me dry, Kim. Drink every drop. If you don’t, I’ll call Kaleb over to fuck your ass again, but this time you’ll be tied to the table. Once he finishes with you,” he slowly pressed his cock down my open throat “I’ll take your ass again as well. You’ll stay tied up until this even and every time,” he began to fuck my mouth as I massaged his balls, my eyes closed, my mind lost, “we get hard again, we’ll keep fucking it.”

I moaned, terrified but thrilled at the prospect of such use.

“That’s it,” he encouraged, “keep sucking. Need me to keep talking?”

I nodded. I DID need his words, almost as much as I needed him.

He chuckled, fisted my hair, and continued to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. “And while we’re waiting for our cocks to get hard again, you’ll have that big, fat plug shoved back in you.”

I trembled with delight.

“and we’ll be spanking that unprotected ass of yours until it’s cherry red.”

I squealed, grasped his balls firmly, and came. I heard him laugh just before he gave one final thrust down my throat, gagging me, and spilling his seed down. He’d given me no choice but to swallow, his firm grip on my hair holding my head against his base. He pulled back, looking quite pleased with himself. I was panting, but licked my lips, making sure that I’d gotten every drop of him.

“Guess we won’t be needing Kaleb,” he said and dropped down onto the couch. I scouted over to sit between his splayed legs and lay my head against his thigh. He reached a hand down to pet my head and I snuggled into him, happy as a clam.

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