National Hot Tea Day

Who knew there was such a thing!! Apparently, Milord did because late this morning he informed me of it! He said that he had a lovely afternoon planned for me but, naturally, I would have to prepare myself.

First, He made love to me. Like sweet, slow, gentle, patient making love! Sure it was vanilla, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t rock my world! When I say slow, I mean SLOW. He kissed and licked and touched every inch of my body and allowed me to do the same for him. After an hour and a half – SERIOUSLY!!!!- we were both satiated and boneless.

A few minutes of rest and recovery then I hopped into the shower. I just KNEW he was up to something good! Sure enough, when I walked back into the bedroom after using my most luxurious lotion, He was standing there, dressed in an impeccable suit.

“Bend over the bed but keep standing,” he instructed.

Licking my lips, I did so. I just KNEW he was going to stick something up my ass! And Yep! I was right. I both love and hate being plugged in public! I Hate it because it’s uncomfortable, I think absolutely everyone knows it’s there, it makes me very wet, so sitting still is a challenge. I love it for basically all of the same reasons along with knowing it’s just a placeholder for Milord’s cock, he’s likely to use the stretched hole later, I can never forget that he has placed it there and only he can remove it.

He helps me to stand, kisses me, then waves his hand toward a chair where a pile of clothes waits. I start with real live stockings and a garter belt, a bullet bra, and a silk slip before slipping on the stunning dress. Milord holds my hand while I step into 3 inch high black stiletto pumps. He tosses a black cardigan over my shoulders and off we go!

Milord, much to my amazement and joy, has arranged for an afternoon tea at a very nice hotel. First, the tea curator wheels a cart of close to 50 different teas in front of us and explains the different categories. Once we share that we both prefer black teas, he focuses on those until we narrow our choice to a black tea with rose petals and rose essence. Two waiters prepare the table, laying it with a three tiered plate set, champagne flutes, tea cups, saucers, cream and sugar dishes, plates, utensils, and, of course, a matching porcelain tea pot.

The tea guy (not sure what to call him) prepares our tea and asks if I’d like to pour if we’d prefer he did.

“Oh, she would prefer that you serve her and then, after learning proper etiquette from you, she will serve me,” Milord states.

And now I know part two of his deviously delicious plans. For every mistake I make, I will pay a consequence. I watch the tea guy VERY carefully, then repeat the whole procedure for Milord, making only one mistake.

“Would mind instructing my wife on the proper etiquette of enjoying an afternoon tea?” Milord asks with a wicked twinkle in his eye.

“I’d be happy to, Sir,” says the tea guy. He goes through 21 freaking rules!

I try to pay close attention, and some, to be fair, are really just good manners. I was absolutely dressed appropriately, I knew the no pinky thing, I didn’t know about the stirring back and forth thing (which I messed up on!), and so on.

Despite that, I enjoyed the afternoon immensely. I was, however, surprised that the tea guy stayed in the private room with us. Milord and I chatted, ate, sipped, and laughed. When it was over and the dishes cleared away, Milord turned to the tea guy and said, “Stuart, how many infractions?”

Of course Milord personally knew the tea guy!!

“First, the lady overpoured your tea cup. Second, she bit into a scone rather than breaking it apart. Third, she placed her knife on the table after spreading the cream. Fourth, her elbows touched the table once, and finally, she placed her napkin on her plate rather than on the left side of it when she finished, Milord.”

Milord??? Well, crap.

“So five infractions. Thank you, Stuart. Is my room prepared?”


Sure enough, Milord escorted me to the elevator and we, all three of us, went up to the top floor. I glanced nervously up at Milord, knowing full well what our “hotel rules” were. He simply smiled and raised his eyebrows. Yep. I would have to be completely nude within thirty seconds of entering the room. While I attended to this, Stuart went around the room opening the curtains, arranging pillows on the bed, and setting an armed chair in the middle of the room so that it was directly in front of the bed.

Was I humiliated being nude and plugged in front of a total stranger? Yes, but obviously this whole thing had been prearranged and Milord knew Stuart, so really, it wasn’t much different from one of his monthly get togethers.

“Come, bend over the back of the chair, my love. That’s it. Now, hold on to the arms and drop your head low. Stuart, you see, is training to be a dominate so I offered to allow him to both witness and participate in a corrections session,” he explained.

I heard his belt slide gracefully from his trousers. “As five infractions were committed, we will take things in fives,” he explained.

I knew he was speaking to Stuart rather than me. My job was to silently and gracefully accept my correction. I was, though, momentarily terrified that they would EACH be delivering five stripes with the belt! Milord, however, administered the first two and then handed the belt to Stuart for the next three.

“Well done,” Milord praised. “See how you’ve managed to place each strip in a slightly different area thereby covering her entire bottom. This helps to prevent bruising but ensures that she will feel the effects over her entire ass for several hours.”

“To punish my sub well, I like to address several parts of her body. Of course, all subs are different, so you will have to decide on an individual basis. Sophia, come lie on the bed, my love, on your back,” Milord instructed.

I sniffed and obeyed.

“Sophia’s nipples are always sensitive, so I have to be careful. Never leave clips or clamps or anything that will restrict blood flow on nips for more than 20 minutes. Here, apply these clothes pins. They’re cheap and effective. These are brand new, so they will be quite tight.”

Stuart pinched my nipples and the clipped on the pins. I had to breathe deeply to control myself. My pussy got wet immediately, yet I whimpered at the pain. Luckily, Milord instructed Stuart to remove them after only five minutes. Unluckily, Stuart unclipped them both simultaneously.

I screamed and came.

“Well done. Both of you!” Milord praised. “Obviously, Sophia is allowed to come as often as she needs to. That was one. Now, she has at least four more orgasms to complete. Her whole body is primed, so I would suggest starting with her mouth. While she sucks on you, you can finger her puss or play with her tits. Either will get you the result you want.”

I opened my eyes and stared at Milord. He raised an eyebrow, tacitly asking if I agreed. I did, so I opened my mouth wide. Stuart undressed and crawled on top of me in a kind of reverse cowboy poise directly over my face. He plunged his cock into my mouth and squeezed my nipples. I moaned and sucked for all I was worth. I know just how much Milord enjoys watching me. Stuart pinched harder and twisted at the same time. Again, I exploded.

“That didn’t take long!” Milord said with a laugh. “Now, you have a choice again, Stuart. you can come at any time, of course, but if you do too soon, you won’t be able to use your cock. Not a bit deal since I have brought lots of toys and implements, but it’s something you want to think about.”

Stuart plunged his cock deep inside my throat causing me to gag. I felt his cock twitch, but otherwise remain in place as he spoke with Milord.

“Good point, Milord. Does she enjoy swallowing?”

“She does.”

“Then since this is a punishment, denying her that pleasure would be appropriate it seems. I’ll hold off for a bit.”

He lifted his hips and continued to fuck my mouth. This time, though, he reached down and pinched my clit. I whimpered, but focused on my job but also spread my legs wide. He released my clit then began to pat my wide open pussy. At first he was gentle then harder, then harder.

I was humiliated by the wet sounds attesting to my excitement from being pussy slapped, yet there was nothing I could do. I had a cock in my mouth and was undeniably turned on. Stuart gave my puss one very hard slap and I came for the third time.

Milord laughed. Stuart pulled out and sat beside me, petting me until I could breathe normally again. He was murmuring words of praise to me, adding to the after care.

“You get two more orgasms, my dear. You’re doing so well.” He looked over at Milord and asked, “DP?”

My eyes widened. Milord stripped out of his clothes. Stuart rolled onto his back. “Climb on top.” I did. And came. Immediately.

Then, Then. I felt the bed shift and Milord pressing lube into my anus. I moaned, stilling for a moment. He slapped my ass and I moved again.

As this was a punishment, he didn’t bother to ease in, but rather simply pounded into me. I thought my body would split in two! The men fell into a natural rhythm, lifting me onto a new plane of existence. I came, not once, or maybe once. I don’t know. I screamed someone’s name, I don’t know whose. I was lost in a world of total submission and total surrender. I was theirs.

Later, sitting up in bed with Milord’s arm around me and sipping a cup of hot tea, he asked if I had enjoyed my afternoon. My nipples were swollen, my ass tender, and cum was leaking from both my nether holes.

“I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed an afternoon more, Milord.

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