Comfortable discomfort

“Are you comfortable?”


“Are you in pain?”


“Are you content?”


I woke up peevish, in a mood, on the wrong side of the bed. Milord wasn’t having it. I whined about having to suck his cock, my first activity of every morning, which is completely out of character for me! I normally crave his cock in the morning like most people crave coffee. Nonetheless, I did my duty in a lackluster way. He stopped me, asked what was wrong, and I said, “Nothing. Let’s just get this over with.”

That was when he pounced like an angry cat. Before I could blink he had me turned over his lap with his hand coming down hard and sharp. I squealed and wriggled, but also knew deep down, this was exactly what I needed. I began to apologize – legit apologize. “Nothing” is never and acceptable answer and I suddenly wanted nothing more than his tasty, luscious cock in my mouth.

Once my body was supple and accepting again, he allowed me to finish my morning duty of worshipping his cock, which I did with renewed and genuine appreciation. Honestly, I adore sucking on him!! I adore when the first nourishment of my day is HIM. I adore the pride of knowing I have pleased him and myself in the process.

Today, though, he paused before finishing. He had me stand next to the bed and bend over it. I didn’t argue. Nothing like a nice spanking a bit of fellatio to put me in a submissive frame of mind!

“I believe you need more than just our regular routine today,” he stated as he grabbed his favorite leather paddle.

I bit my lip but couldn’t honestly argue.

“I believe you are right, Milord,” I agreed.

Ten swats on each cheek. On top of the spanking. I was gasping, but not sobbing. He’d gone easy on me. True, I’d be feeling the tenderness all day, but just for the day. Then, he spread my cheeks. I’d been so focused on my own sensations that I had missed him leaving the room and returning.

He pressed the cold, slick plug into my ass without comment. The cold quickly became heat then the tears came. Ginger paste. He’d lubed the plug with ginger paste.

“There,” he stated, pleased with himself. “You should be feeling that for a while as well. Kneel down and thank me.”

I slid to the floor and opened my mouth. “No hands,” he warned.

I looked up at him, pleading, face wet. He grasped my hair close to the scalp and fucked my mouth. He was anything but gentle. I loved it. I loved it so much, I felt the fountain of my own pleasure rise. My body began to quiver and I silently begged him to come.

He, knowing exactly what I needed, thrust his cock down my throat, causing me to gag, and released his hot stream. I struggled to swallow my delightful breakfast while my own body surged with pleasure.

He stepped back and helped me to stand. He kissed me, hugged me, and praised me.

“In a better mood now?” he asked.

“Oh yes, Milord. How could I not be?”

“Are you comfortable?”


“Are you in pain?”


“Are you content?”


“Are you going to complain about that plug or asks to remove it?”

I grinned up at him and answered, “Absolutely not, Milord.”

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