My Disciplinarian

His text was clear. I was to inform the doorman that I was there to see Mr. Kingly. The doorman would then use his key to let me into the private penthouse elevator. Once in the elevator, I was to remove all of my clothing, fold it, leave said clothing on the floor of the elevator. When I arrive at the penthouse, I was to step out of the elevator, drop to my knees, lower my head, and wait.

Normally, I’d be far past humiliated, but the elevator is private and can only be operated by key, so there was no chance a random person would hop on and see me in this state. Nonetheless, Mr. Kingly knew my nudity would disconcert me and put me in an appropriate frame of mind for my much needed discipline.

I could hear him walking about but was smart enough to remain in place and silent. Finally, I saw the tops of his bare feet before me.

“You missed your last session. Bragged to your sister about the higher quality of your clothing. You skipped church with your mother three times. You were drunk once. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I heard the rustling of clothing then saw his lounge pants drop to the floor. “If you truly want to be disciplined, prove this to my by sucking,” he said.

I looked up, gently held his cock, and opened my mouth. I moaned. He was so, so big that I had to open completely just to accommodate his girth. Slowly, I eased my mouth down his eight inches.

“This is discipline, woman,” he ground out before grasping the back of my head and pushing it down his length. I gaged, tears springing to my eyes. He thrust his hips upward and fucked my mouth for several minutes, then slung me away from him.

“You disappoint me already, woman. Are you sure you want this discipline? I will be harsh with you as your crimes are grievous,” he warned.

“Yes, sir,” I sobbed. “Please. I need this. I have no desire for mercy.”

“First, you will slack my need. Turn around. Keep your eyes open so you can see just how depraved you are, woman,” he commanded.

I obeyed, staying on my knees. He did, thank the gods, generously apply lube to his cock, then slammed into my ass. I screamed, feeling as if his massive cock would split me in half. This was not, though, for my pleasure, but for my own good. I closed my eyes for a brief second. His hard had came down on my ass.

“I said to keep your eyes open,” he warned.

“I’m sorry,” I gasped, beginning to sob again.

Soon, he pulled out, spewing his hot cum across my ass and back. He pushed down on my shoulders so that my ass was up in the air and my face on the plastic covered carpet.

Without ceremony, he inserted a large, locking plug into my gaping ass before beginning my first spanking. He used his hand, hard and heavy, until I was howling. The mascara ran down my face, smearing the plastic beneath my cheek.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. You love both your sister and mother. How could you treat them so abdominally?” he intoned. “You will be feeling this session for several days, woman.”

He switched from using his hand to a paracord flogger. My knees were spread wide so that my puss was exposed. Naturally, he made sure to give my labia a few good swipes as well. With each blow, I felt my guilt and shame rising from my soul, leaving me raw and renewed. I lost count of time, but eventually, he held out his hand and helped me to stand.

“Well done. You’re ass has been attended to, your skin scourged, now it’s time for your humiliation.”

My hands were at my sides and I watched as he attached cuffs with long changes to each wrist. Next, he attached the end of the chain to the plug, locking them in place.

“Now, I will bring in my assistant and you will recite your transgressions to her while I further extract punishment on your body,” he stated.

I wanted to die. I HATED anyone else in the room, but I knew this would be good for me. This humiliation. I stood at attention as a beautiful, statuesque woman strolled into the room. My mouth dropped open. My sister!

“I understand this wicked person attempted to humiliate you, my dear. Will you hear her confession?” he asked.

My sister smiled serenely and said, “Of course. I’m going to enjoy this.”

Mr. Kingsley lashed my breasts with the flogger and ordered me to begin. As I murmured my sins, He clipped claw like clamps onto my nipples. With each recitation, he slapped my open labia, causing me to screech and wail. My sister just stood there, grinning, watching, and looking at me as if I were the worst person on earth.

Finally, I finished my confession. My sister walked to me and slapped my face, hard.

“I’m so sorry,” I murmured. “I’m just so, so sorry.”

“Well done,” Mr. Kingsley stated. “Well done. Now, you’re going to simply stand there and watch while I make love to your luscious and kind sister. Once we finish, I’ll uncuff you, remove the changes, and release your nipples. You will then leave with your sister and dress in the elevator. She has the key to that plug,” he informed me.

Sniffing I nodded, uncomfortable physically, but free of any feelings of guilt. “She will give you the key at her discretion. Only then can you remove it. Next week, though, you will present yourself to me again, with that plug locked inside of you, and return the key to me. If I hear that you have behaved yourself, I’ll consider unlocking it and making love to you. Is all of this understood?”

I looked up at him, started to wipe my nose but realized that my hand wouldn’t reach that far up, and said, “Yes, Sir.”

As my sister and I stood in the elevator, me finally dressed again but still plugged, she asked, “Are you really okay?”

I grinned, flipped my hair back, hugged her and said, “I really am. I feel incredible, actually.”

She laughed and said, “Maybe I’ll have to find a disciplinarian of my own some day.”

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