Bed Box – 2

Bed Box confinement

“Milord?” I queried quietly.

The door opened to my box. I really thought I’d hate the bed box for being so confining, but really, it was more like a cozy little apartment, so I found it quite tranquil.

Soft light filled the small area letting me know it was dusk. I must have slept for a good hour.


“Um, I need to relieve myself, Milord. May I leave the box?”

“Of course, Love, just remember that before anything else, you will position yourself for you spanking,” he so helpfully reminded me.

I did as commanded, biting my lip.

“Yes, Milord, but I like really, really have to go.”

He didn’t say anything else as his hand came down on my still tingly bottom. I was dancing from foot to foot for more than one reason! He continued to spank as he spoke.

“You have a choice, then. You can use the chamber pot and then go empty it or simply go outside. Either way, you will be going out. You still have your collar on, but I think you need more. So, I’m going to lube up your ass and give you a nice big plug. You did say you just had to pee, right?”

I felt my facial cheeks go as red as I’m sure my ass cheeks were! “Yes, Milord.”

He finished spanking then told me to stay in place. I dropped my head and moaned, positive I’d humiliate myself before I could get outside! As soon as the gigantic plug was seated, he gave me a quick swat on the ass and said, “Go!”

I dashed out the door just in time. When I came back to the cabin, he was naked and stroking his cock. I stopped dead, my mouth hanging open, staring at him like a hungry cat stares at a bowl of cream.

“Come here, Love. Now, I know you want to suck me, but not now.” He sat down.

“Climb on top, Love, facing me. That’s it. Slowly now. Ease down onto my cock. have I even told you how much I love knowing that you’re always wet and ready for me?”

He was right. I was ALWAYS ready for him. All it took for me to get wet was to hear his voice, feel the brush of his hand against my cheek, see his body, or even to think of those things and I was done.

Slowly, I eased myself down, feeling each millimeter of him. I was fairly small already, but with the plug filling my back hole, I was even tighter than usual! We both gasped in pleasure. Once I was seated he held me in place, kissing me deeply, his tongue exploring mine. I began to rock forward, needing more.

He allowed this which emboldened me to begin a slow ride. I couldn’t take it. His hands grasping my deliciously tender ass, his tongue in mine, the plug filling me to capacity, his sweet, hard cock buried inside of my body. I dug my fingers into his scalp and screamed as reds and blues exploded behind my eyes

“That’s it,” he murmured after pulling away from my mouth. “Come, Love. I want you weak from coming.”

Now, what kind of good little sub would I be to disobey? So, I obeyed. And I came. Violently. Repeatedly. Eventually, I felt his hot cream spurting inside of me. I cried out his name, needing every drop. I was sobbing.

Once the spurting stopped and we could both breathe, I slid off his lap to sit between his legs. I kissed his thighs and balls, then, using my tongue and mouth, cleaned every drop of our combined essence from his well satisfied cock. I glanced up and saw his head tipped back, mouth slightly open. His body was completely relaxed. I rubbed my cheek against his thigh, sighing with pleasure and silently wished for a miracle which would allow us to live like this forever.

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