A Submissive’s Resolutions 2022

  1. I want to please Ard Ri SO MUCH that sometimes I either don’t communicate honestly with him or I don’t use my safeword when I really should. With that in mind, I resolve to speak up and/or use my safeword when I need to rather than simply going along with whatever Ard Ri decrees in an effort to please only him. We are a couple, not individuals. We need to work in tandem with each other.

2. I really don’t like the term “self care”, but it’s the best I can do. I sometimes neglect myself and my interests. Lately, I feel like I’ve been losing a tenuous hold on who I really am. With that in mind, I resolve to explore my own interests more this year. They are closed for the holidays, but I plan to take a class in pottery this year and I have already joined a health center where I can swim. As soon as they re-open, I’m also going to renew my library card.

3. Like many women, I’m often quite down on myself. I often think that I’m fat, I hate my hair, is that a new wrinkle?, what the hell happened to my smooth ass???? With that in mind, I resolve to explore and accept (or better accept) my new and changing middle aged body.

For those interested, Yes, Ard Ri has approved all of these resolutions, but, as he assured me, he didn’t need to do so. These are MY resolutions, not his. Still, I value his opinion and, if his long, slow lovemaking last night was any indication of his approval, I’m so very glad I shared these with him!

4 thoughts on “A Submissive’s Resolutions 2022

  1. These are resolutions for all women, not just submissives. We lose ourselves while caring for family. I greatly enjoy your writing. I resolve to comment more often, especially when something hits home, like today.

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  2. These right here are the best resolutions I’ve seen in a long while. While yes these are written from a submissive perspective, I can also tell they come from a place of personal growth and self acceptance of our ever changing bodies. Beautifully written, you have inspired me to think about and write out my resolutions for this year! Thank you! 😊

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  3. Yes. I do that. I want to please my Husband so much that I will do things I really dislike because I think they please Him. And they don’t. He always wants to know how I feel, keeping that from Him is dishonest and shows a lack of trust.

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