Beginning the way you want to continue

“We are going to begin the New Year the way I plan to continue with the rest of the year,” milord stated as he opened the secret door to our special room.

Smiling, I walked in, stood by the foot of the bed, placed my hands behind my back, spread my legs, and looked down. Milord closed the door behind him, saying, “You will not be leaving this room for a minimum of 24 hours.”

I paled a bit. There was no bathroom attached, only a sink, an old fashioned pitcher and bowl, and a chamber pot. Nonetheless, I had agreed long ago that while in this room, I would be exceedingly obedient even though this prospect was absolutely humiliating. As, though, he had not asked a question, I remained silent.

I heard him opening the toy cabinet then padding hardwood floor to stand in front of me. Without preamble, he grasped both of my nipples and pinched hard. I whimpered, bounced a bit, but remained in place. He bent his head, taking one nipple between his teeth and clamped down. He pulled it taut and attached a clover clamp then repeated the process with the other side.

Tears and mascara were already running down my face. I stole a quick glance at the clock. Only 10:30. Obviously, Milord was in no mood for gentleness. Neither was I for that matter!

“Undress me, slut, and then suck me off,” he ordered harshly.

I dropped to my knees, each movement torture as the clamps cruelly pinched my delicate flesh.

“Eyes up and no hands. You’re going to have to work for your reward.”

I obeyed as well as I could, licking and sucking his massive cock, gagging occasionally which caused even more tears to flow. Milord loved my tears. Just when I was about to give up, he grasped my head and forced my lips down his shaft to meet his base. He shot his hot stream down my throat. Quite on purpose, I had no doubt, he pulled out before he was quite finished, leaving a small stream of cream running down my chin.

“Looks like you didn’t quite get it all. You know what that means, don’t you?”

I did.

“Get on the bed, ass up.”

I stood up to do as he said but before i could get into position, he sucked one of my aching nipples into his mouth then unclamped it. I screamed, but before I could catch my breath, the blood rushed to the second newly freed bud leaving me panting. It was now 10:50. How the hell would I make it through another hour at least!

Once in position, Milord spread my cheeks. I smelled a sharp, spicy scent and moaned. Ginger. He was going to fig me with a plug of ginger!

“Pick a number.”

Thinking quickly, I chose 23. Milord laughed and told me that I had chosen the number of the night.

The ginger was already working, turning my insides into a ball of fire when he began a hard, firm hand spanking. I had to count all 23 swats. I was moaning and squealing, but more or less was able to maintain position. He took his time, enjoying and commenting on the ever changing color of my skin. When he finished, he told me to turn over and hold out my wrists. Sniffing, I obeyed.

He opened up a box and said, “I bought this to start the year.” He buckled the cuffs to my wrists and then my ankles. “Lift your head a bit so I can get the collar on.”

Next, he attached the links to my wrists and clipped them onto the collar. He lifted my ass onto the wedge pillow and, much to my delight, removed the fig.

“You look perfect. All teary eyed with your mascara and lipstick smeared all over your face. Your eyes tell me that you are 100% in subspace now. I’m going to fuck your pussy now, but since you just drained me, I won’t come. You, however, will come as much as you possibly can.”

And so I did. I lost count after seven. He fucked me slowly at first, then with harsh abandon, switching back to a torturous gentleness. By the time he pulled out, I was boneless. He crawled up the bed, his juicy cock dangling over my face. I opened my mouth so he could plunge himself down my throat. I gagged, but felt the waves of pleasure again begin to rise.

“That’s right. Clean my dick well. Get it good and wet. You know where it’s going next, don’t you,” he murmured.

A moment later he was up, flipping me over and pulling my bottom half off the bed. He pushed down on my back, forcing me to flop face first onto the bed. I spread my legs wide which pleased him greatly. Using his fingers, he coated my back tunnel with a generous amount of lube before plunging balls deep inside of me.

I screamed but pushed back, meeting his thrusts with my own. My boneless body came to life and I orgasmed over and over again. This time, he came, spilling his seed deep inside of me. He collapsed on top of me for a few minutes then kissed my neck, instructed me to stay still, then rolled off. I heard water running and assumed he was cleaning himself. He came to me, inserted a very large plug into my well-lubed ass, then began wiping my lady parts with a very cold, rough washcloth.

He began to hum to himself during this process then, suddenly, I felt a terrible, wonderful pinch on my nether lips.

“OHMYGOD!” I screamed. Milord laughed and said, “What was the number of the night again? Ah yes. 23.”

Twenty three times he used a hard wooden paddle on my ass and upper thighs. Never striking twice in the same place, my skin was covered in fire! When he finished, he ran his hand down my skin, said that the new paddle had worked better than he anticipated, and helped me to stand.

“Look in the mirror. Isn’t it lovely!”

I looked back at the mirror, my mouth hanging open in shock. My entire ass and upper thighs was bright read except for (I didn’t count I assume it would be 23) the number 23 in blazing white scatter across my skin.

Looking down, I saw what the terrible, wonderful pinch was. He’d attached labia clamps to me.

Milord hugged me to him, praised me, kissed me, then glanced at the clock. “Ten more minutes until 2023. Go stand in the corner facing outward. I’ve one more attachment for you before I pour the champagne.”

Panting and walking rather like a duck, I did so.

Once again he bend his head to suck and nip at my nipples. Satisfied with their puffiness, he attached circular clamps to them then cupped my face, kissing my tears.

“So far tonight you have drunk my cum, been spanked both by hand and a paddle, been figged, had your perfect nipples clamped, your bottom lips clamped, are now plugged, been pussy fucked, and your ass filled with come. Your are collared, cuffed, and totally subjugated. How is the new year looking to you?”

I swallowed the pain which was quickly turning into pleasure again and said, “It’s looking like everything I want it to be, Milord.”

He kissed me – hard. went to fill one flute with champagne, and came back to me just as the clock struck midnight. He took a sip from the glass then held it to my lips.

“Happy New Year, my love. And trust me, this is but the first of many similar days.”

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