Winter Rules Adaptation

All clothing will be removed while at home. Even when outside (we live out in the country and have a 7 foot tall privacy fence around the yard), no clothing other than shoes and a sun hat will be worn. I am not even allowed to ask for permission to put on clothing. Only Milord can decide to allow it.

So now that it’s winter, this rule, obviously must be adapted. I am still required to be nude inside the house where Milord has set the daytime temp at 75 and nighttime at 65, but when, on the rare occasion, I need to step outside, I will certainly need some clothing on! 

Milord has allowed me to step into my warm fuzzy boots and cover myself with a luxurious faux fur coat, gloves, and hat if needed. Let me tell you just how grateful I am for this when I’m bringing in firewood! The caveat is, however, that I must return to complete nudity within one minute of re-entry. 

Yesterday afternoon, I was out doing just that – bringing in some firewood – when Milord came home from work. He offered to take the wood for me, but I already had it, so he just opened the door for me instead.

“Why don’t you change while I get a nice fire going?” I asked. He gave me an odd look but agreed.

Ten minutes later, I had small flames licking at the dried wood. I stood up, notice him staring at me with his arms crossed, and realized what had happened. I was still wearing my coat and boots!!

I rushed to the coat closet, slipped out of my boots, and hung up my coat before walking back to him, head bowed.

“Figured it out, did you? Legs spread, hands on your head. Keep your eyes toward the ceiling,” he ordered. I assumed the position and waited while he left the room. A moment later, he came back into the living room, humming. 

He pinched my nipples until they were quite prominent. Then he attached the clips. I gasped in shock. They were COLD!! Next, he attached a clip to my labia – also very, very cold!

“Now, while you were setting the fire, I put this in the freezer. It’s quite warm in the house, so there was absolutely no need for you to keep that coat on while working on the fire, was there?” he asked.

“No, Milord,” I murmured.

“It obviously wasn’t for warmth, but rather because you forgot, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, Milord.”

“For your consequence, tonight we will be doing a bit of temperature play. I know you don’t much like being cold, but you need a reminder of my generosity in allowing you to wear your outer clothing when in the yard.”

By now, the clamps had warmed, but the dangling chain was still quite chilled. I groaned but didn’t utter a word. I could feel gooseflesh rising partially from the chill, but partially from the anticipation of what was to come. 

“Go get dinner on the table,” he commanded.

I did so in record time. Before I was allowed to sit, however, Milord had me bend over the table. He lubed my bottom hole with chilled ginger paste then inserted a plug which he had obviously been storing in the refrigerator. Only then did he remove the clamps. 

I squealed as the blood rushed back to my bits but otherwise made no complaint. The combination of heat from the ginger and the chill from the plug combined to make a very uncomfortable meal for me. Milord, naturally, was in no big hurry. 

“Lovely meal. Now, I’ll clean up and you head down to the playroom. I want you lying on the spanking bench, tits up.”

I followed his instructions. I mean, what choice did I really have? Sure I hate temperature play, but I deserved the consequence, plus I love when he plays with me!

When he came down, he found me just as he had ordered. Nodding his approval, he stood over me with a large glass filled with crushed and cubed ice. Tears leaked from my eyes.

“Hold these in place,” he stated as he placed two cubes on my nipples. I began to shiver. “Spread your legs on either side of the bench.”

He tipped the glass, dumping ice into his mouth before he knelt between my legs. I started to shake my head but didn’t move my legs together. Sure enough, his frozen mouth clamped onto my clit, sucking and licking. Eventually, he used his tongue to press small pieces of ice into my hot tunnel before slurping the melted liquid back into his own mouth. 

I cried, but couldn’t stop myself from coming. Luckily, I had the presence of mind to keep the hated, almost melted cubes pressed to my nipples. Finally, he stood between my legs. While he undressed, he scolded me more. 

“Go stand in front of the bed. Put your hands on it and push your ass out. I’m going to fuck you and you, my dear, are not to come.” I whimpered. “If you do, we will repeat tonight every night until you can control yourself.”

I nodded my head, crying in earnest now. 

He thrust his throbbing cock deep inside my eager pussy and grasped my hair near the scalp. He showed no gentleness, no mercy, no regard for my own pleasure. I wanted to come immediately. I bit my lip and kept a mantra of “obey him. Obey him. Obey him.” going silently in my head.

Luckily, he found his release quickly. He kissed my neck as he pulled out. 

“Good. Now, I’m going to go upstairs and enjoy a nice glass of scotch and that fire. You, however, are going to stay right here, standing in your corner until it’s time for bed, thinking about how important it is to remember the rules you agreed to. I’ll call for you around 9:00 o’clock. You can come upstairs then, but you will be sleeping with that plug still inside of you and no orgasm until morning. Agreed?”

I sniffed, wiped my nose on the back of my hand, and said, “Yes, Milord. Thank you.:

One thought on “Winter Rules Adaptation

  1. Does the woman have a user name ? Are they in a DD relationship or BDSM or a hybrid mix? It wouldn’t appear they.sre married.
    This is a great story,,!! Strict but not as bad as some… She..does everything he tells her with virtually not a word of complaint
    That is hot for me!
    Are they gonna have a huge fight for which she
    is to blame,,and a serious threat to the relationship?. Will she suffer severely during her supreme punishment?
    Thanx bunches for the story!! When it comes to
    BDSM. relationship stories,.youre the best!!!


    Liked by 1 person

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