Christmas Concert with Milord

We are going to a Christmas concert tonight. Milord has decided that I will be wearing a VISIBLE corset. luckily, it’s attacked to a beautiful, vanilla friendly dress with a matching white shawl! That said, Milord being Milord, he also wanted to make sure that I remembered my place even though we would be attending a Vanilla event.

He began by administering a lovely hand spanking, making sure that my bottom would be tender all evening. After twenty minutes, I realized I’d be grateful for the cushioned seats!

Since this was not a punishment spanking, he’d pause every now and then to finger my juicy puss, pinch my clit, and push lube into my bottom. By the time he finished half an hour later, I’d already come twice!

“I’m going to make love to you now. Which hole shall I use?” he whispered.

This is a trick question!! Luckily, I KNOW the answer! “Whichever you desire, Milord.”

He laughed and had me lie on my back on the bed. He knelt between my legs, lifting my ankles to his shoulders. Slowly, he eased into my bottom. Before he was fully seated, I’d already come again.

He grinned, pinched both nipples tightly, lifted up on them, and plunged fully in. I exploded. The astonishing contrast of pain (nipples) and pleasure (ass) is absolutely exquisite!. He continued to pinch and twist my nipples while he fucked my ass. He, unlike me, has amazing control, so it was another twenty minutes and several more orgasms (me) before he allowed himself to fill my bottom with his own joyful gift!

I thought he’d finished, but no. He released my swollen nipples but held my legs up in the diaper position. Milord is nothing if not prepared, so naturally he had a LARGE plug handy. He inserted this, saying, “There. That should keep everything where I put it. Wouldn’t want you to leave a spot on that pretty white skirt. Especially since you won’t be wearing any panties.”

I moaned, but accepted. Once we were at the theater, seated in our box on cushy chairs, sipping champagne, he leaned over and asked, “Comfortable?”

“Actually,” I whispered, “I couldn’t be happier sitting right here next to you, Milord.”

2 thoughts on “Christmas Concert with Milord

    • Thank you so much for asking!! As the weather vacillates, so does the pain level, but I am walking again – almost always without the cane – so I have no complaints! Hoping all is well with you as well.


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