Maintenance Day

Husband decreed that we will have Maintenance very Saturday. Maintenance Saturday Today I stood, nude, in his office for some time. While I wait, I think about what I will tell him. I know I could have better organized my time this week, I should NOT have spent so much money on new shoes that I didn’t need, and I was quite disappointed in myself that the souffle I made fell. I think that will cover it.

When he enters his office, I tell him these things, two of which he decides deserves punishment on top of my weekly maintenance. The souffle, he explained, could have happened to anyone and I was still learning how to make one.

Which first? he asks. Punishment or Maintenance?

The choice is yours I answer.

He nods, then opens his locked cabinet where he keeps his implements. He pulls out a new item and I wonder what it is. However, he has not asked me a question, so I am not allowed to speak. He slaps the leather item against his palm and I jump.

With the first slap, I know I’m in trouble. I scream and dance in place. This, he tells me, is my punishment. He has set a timer but does not tell me for how long. He will continue to thrash my bottom until that timer goes off. Continuously. The pain sears my every cell and I am screeching and bawling like I never have before. I don’t feel the wetness running down my leg or my nipples turning into hard bullets pressed against the wood of his desk.

Despite this, I feel my mind drift into a place of peace so much so that I don’t notice that Husband has stopped. I’m still sobbing, but now feel him gathering my wetness and using it to lubricate my anus. Slowly, he enters me. I relax into him, pushing back so that he fills me. He takes his time now, using my ass until I explode into a thousand pieces then, with his own cum, glues me back together.

I feel bereft when he leaves my body, helps me to stand, and positions me in the corner. Still, this is where I need to be. This is where I remember who I am and who I want to be.

He comes behind me and explains my maintenance will be unique today. Rather than additional spankings, the cream he is applying to my red and tender ass will make the burning even more intense. The cream contains capsaicin, made from hot peppers. He will apply only a small amount, but the sting and burn will continue quite intensely for hours. Only when the burn from the cream has ceased, will my maintenance be be complete. Until then, I will stand, facing the wall, my feet wide apart, my hands on the wall or behind my back.

Naturally, I obey, sniffing and weeping as the burn comes in waves over my tortured bottom. My legs shake and I am so confused as to how, with this intensity, my puss can still be leaking excitement. I find myself falling into subspace. When Husband asks if I feel the burn and I can honestly say that I do not, he releases me. Without his direction, I knee in front of him and worship his cock. I want to show him my gratitude, my love, and my respect. I want him to know that there is nowhere else I would rather be than right here doing this.

My life is complete.

Then, he explains. This, he says, is a leather tawse. Supple, strong, and easy to use. It will sting, most likely, quite intensely.

He warns me to keep position. If I don’t, he will tie me into place and start the count over.

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