5 ways to show public submission discretely

  1. Choose your “collar” subtly. In a way, isn’t a wedding ring a sign of submission? Choose a necklace, bracelet, or ring which you and your dominant know the meaning of but the rest of the world just thinks of as jewelry. Your submission is between you and your dominant. No one else needs to know unless you specifically choose to clue them in.
  2. Manners. You don’t need to use titles such as “sir” or “master” in public. Just use your manners – for both the dominant and the submissive. Remember to say “Thank you” and “Please”. This may sound simple, but too many couples forget to use these simple niceties.
  3. Dress in a way which pleases your dominant but is also socially acceptable. Dresses, collared shirts, a particular color – anything that your dominant prefers but will also blend in with the rest of the world.
  4. Keep your hair in a style which your dominant likes.
  5. Be respectful. NEVER criticize your dominant in public. Don’t complain to friends or co-workers about little things like wet towels on the floor or leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Keep those comments between the two of you.

3 thoughts on “5 ways to show public submission discretely

  1. Very well said.
    #5 is soooo very important! A submissive can wipe away many good things she has done with one single act of disrespect (especially public!)
    Each of the five suggestions are seemingly small things but each is important and adds to the relationship.
    A very good post and I thank you for it!

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