Positive Posture

As per our 2022 House rules, I always wear either a waist cincher or a corset when I’m at work or out of the house without Milord. To be honest, I HATED this when we first started, but Milord has worked with me wearing a corset for years, so now I find them quite comfortable.

The other day at work, a friend asked what my secret was. I was confused. What secret? “You have amazing posture and your boobs look amazing.” (We’re good friends, so her comment was not at all out of place!) I told her the truth. That I wore cosets or cinchers. She was shocked in an intrigued kind of way and demanded I show her.

We went into the restroom and I pulled up my top, showing her the corset.

The next day, she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the break room. “I told Mike about your corset and how incredible you looked. So guess what?”


“We’re going shopping this weekend to try to find one that will work for me. Any advice?”

I suggested a few websites and other tips with a warning to start slowly. Sure, I can comfortably wear a “work” corset for 8-10 hours now, but not when I first started.

When I got home, I told Milord about the incident. He was pleased, but decided that he didn’t want me to get too comfortable.

“Luckily, I have a gift for you. I’ve been waiting to try it out, so I think tonight is the night.”

“Will I like it?” I asked cheekily.

He grinned, then said, “Probably not, at least not at first. But I will.”

I was already nude, as per our rules, so when he showed me the new corset, he immediately began to lace me into it. He hummed. HUMMED!!! Sure, it might look like a modern corset, but instead of the flexible boning, it was made with stiff actual bone! (Actually, it was reinforced steel, not real whale bone!) I couldn’t bend in it! He tied it TIGHT.

“Lovely. Now, Let me put these nipple clamps on. Good. Shhh. I know they’re tight, but they won’t hurt you. Perfect. Why don’t you thank me for your gifts,” he instructed.

A bit dazed, I struggled to kneel before him. I sucked his cock, slowly at first, but then with growing need. I truly WAS grateful for my gifts. He’d thought of me when he bought them, and his cock tasted delicious!! He took his time coming, allowing me to fully enjoy licking and sucking his rod and balls. When he finally released inside of my mouth, my jaws were aching and my nipples on fire.

He helped me to my feet, kissed me, and tightened the laces again.


“No, Milord.”

He released my nipples and I screamed as the blood pounded into them.


“Very, Milord.”

5 thoughts on “Positive Posture

  1. Seems like Milord really knows how to push your buttons, you are lucky to have found each other, interesting weekend planned, behave yourself. Sir


  2. That sounds like it would be fun to try. I’ll show this post to my husband, thank you! As always, it’s the mutual love and respect that I really love about your stories.

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