In or On – Day 4

In or On – Day 4“Let’s go shopping,” Milord stated.

I stared at him in horror. What would he make me wear and where? He saw my expression and laughed. He had just finished making love to me and my pussy was beautifully full of his cream.

“Trust me.”

And I did.

After my shower he removed the silicone beads from my ass, lathered me with my favorite lotion and then hooked the most delicate gold chain around my waist and thigh. It was exquisite!

Over this he chose a lovely yet simple dress for me to wear which completely covered the chain. I slipped my feet into comfy sneakers and off we went.

We did very touristy things such as go to the zoo, out for lunch, hit a museum and a book store. It was an absolutely perfect day. To everyone who saw us, we were just a happy couple deeply in love.

“Milord, today was lovely. Thank you,” I said when we arrived back home.

“I’m glad you liked it. I love just bumming around with you. I also figured that after yesterday, your body needed a break,” he said. “But, I won’t complain if you want to thank me.

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I giggled and did so, taking his eager cock into my even more eager mouth. I worshipped him, sucking, kissing, adoring him. He moaned with delight and ran his hands through my hair. I massaged his delicate balls and left his rod only to suck and kiss each jewel. Eventually, I felt him harden, tighten, and raised my eyes to him.

“Ride me. Now.”

I scurried on top of him, lifting my dress, and impaled myself on his throbbing flesh. I screamed my delight and waves washed over me. He dug his fingers into my hips as he too released inside of me.

He kissed me deeply and completely.

“Now, you will have my chain on you and my cum in you, love. I hope you enjoy it.”

“Yes, Milord. I do.”

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