Coloring the new Tat

People have many symbols for BDSM. The triskette, a collar, rope, cuffs. For us, it is the rose. Blood red, softer than velvet petals atop a sturdy, thorn covered stem. I wanted to surprise my Master, so I asked him if I could alter my body. Of course, he said yes, since he believes that we BOTH have the power to alter my body.

I chose a tattoo which would embody our beliefs.

I had the rose lightly shaded with just three drops of red coloring (Safe, Sane, Consensual) plus a few leaves tattooed onto my right ass cheek. No one would ever know it was there except for Master and those whom he chose to see it. I was nervous when, the next week, I showed it to him.

“Why?” he asked. His voice was curious, not angry or upset.

“Because, Master, I thought it would please you and it would definitely please me.”

I was standing, nose to the wall, completely nude. He ran his hand down my back, my ass, and my thighs. I winced slightly when he brushed over the still tender tat.

“You didn’t add color?”

“No,” I answered hesitantly. “I thought you would enjoy adding that yourself.”


Then a full throated laugh. I couldn’t help grinning even though he couldn’t see since I was still with my nose in the corner.

“Let’s try it out. I know it’s still sore, but you can handle it, can’t you? Hands on the wall and step back, feet wide.”

I bit my lip and obeyed. I knew this would happen today. In fact, I looked forward to it. Yes, it would hurt like sin, but every now and then, I NEEDED to hurt like sin.

He began slowly, just tapping, getting a feel for how much I could take. When I moaned, arched my back and dropped my head, he picked up the pace.

“I can smell your eagerness. I plan to color your rose is a pretty dark pink,” he comment and began to spank me in earnest. Tears came almost immediately, but I wanted more.

More he gave me until I was dancing from foot to foot and sobbing.

“Over the chair. Now.”

I moved to a cushioned chair and draped myself over the arm. He wasted no time but plunged his cock inside of my dripping, needy pussy. My ass was on fire and he filled my hole completely. This. THIS is what I needed. I needed to feel him inside of me as well as outside of me. I came. Hard. He quickly followed, filling my body with his approval.

He helped me to stand, kissed me, told me he loved me. Then, he said he wanted to enjoy his handiwork, so back to the corner I went. He gave me a glass of water and kept one for himself. He just stood behind me, running his hand down my rose, chuckling when I jumped. Soon, his cum began to trickle down my thighs. He scooped it up with a finger and rubbed it over my hot ass.

“I think you’ll probably be feeling the after effects of both the tat and the spanking for a day or so.”

“I hope so, Master.”

Again, he laughed.

“Well, in that case, you will return here when you are fully healed. We’ll see just how red a rose you can tolerate.”

I sighed contentedly and said, “As you will it, Master. I will obey.”

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