5 Reasons why being a submissive MIGHT be relaxing

  1. You have 2 decisions to make: Yes or No. Actually, you have ONE decision to make – NO. Unless the safeword is used which is an immediate STOP, the answer is always yes.

2. You don’t have to focus on 10,000 different things. You focus on only on pleasing your Dominant. One thing. Just one. You give up – hopefully – thinking about work, laundry, kids, the power bill, etc. etc.

3. You get all your Dom’s attention. In order to be good dominant, one must focus on the submissive and his/her responses. He or She cannot be distracted. Even if the sub is in corner time, the Dominant is still focused on his/her precious submissive.

4. Once you enter Sub Mind the whole world goes away for a short time. No worry about Covid, the bills, the job, the neighbor who mows her lawn at 6:30 in the morning.

5. If the Dominant allows, you exhilarate in amazing orgasms which, in turn, allows your mind and body to relax.

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