Surprise, Surprise

He TOLD me to surprise him. So I did. I showed up at his home wearing heels, a body harness, and a coat. Indeed I did surprise him, but not in a good way.

“What the hell, Mona. What would you have done if that coat had blown open on the subway? You’d have been arrested for indecent exposure! It’s all fine for you to dress like that when I’m with you or driving you around, but to go out in public like that? Alone?”

“I guess I was thinking that you’d like me like this.”

“I DO. Very much so. But I’m also very concerned for your safety. If a certain type of man saw you like like that, do you have any idea what he would have done to you?”

I blushed. I DID know. In truth, Gregory and I had planned out exactly what would happen. Role Play was one of our favorite kinks.

He grabbed me by my hair with one hand and ripped the coat off me with the other. He pulled my head back and bent down to take a nipple into his mouth. He bit, tugged, and, using his other hand, pinched to other nipple hard. I cried out and tried to pull away which only increased the pressure of both his teeth and his fingers. Only when he heard me sobbing did he let release his teeth. Keeping tight hold of the one nipple, he led me to piano. He pushed me face down onto the closed lid and kicked my legs wide apart. He held me in place and began to slap my unprotected pussy.

I began to struggle. He cupped my puss and inserted three fingers. “You will stay still, woman. If you don’t, I swear I will tie you place and gag you.” I stopped moving.

With a pop, he jerked his fingers free and continued his assault on my puss. I was crying in earnest now. With each sob, I felt all of the tension of the world leaving my body and all the desire enter it.

“You are such a slut, aren’t you,” he said. “You don’t just like this, you need to be punished, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I murmured.

He left me there. Wet, sobbing, pussy aching. He was back a moment later, filling my ass with peppermint lube. I hated (but also loved) this. It began to tingle and burn immediately. Next, his cock filled my puss. No sweet, slow entry, but a hard, fast balls deep thrust. He began to slap my ass with each thrust. I closed my eyes and let the sensation of him encompass me. I came, trembling, screaming, clawing my hands into fists.

He spanked harder which, in turn, caused me to come even harder. When I thought my body would burst into a million pieces, he pulled out. I screamed my disapproval. Then, I felt the hot ropes of his thick, luscious cum scald my ass and lower back.

We both panted for a bit, catching our breath. “Wait there.”

I didn’t move. I’m not sure I could have moved! “You didn’t think I was finished with you, did you?”

He slowly inserted a vibrating plug into my tingling ass. when it was fully seated, he helped me stand and turned me around to face him. Tweaking my nipples into hard bullets once again, he attached clamps to them. I winced and he slapped my breasts.

“You will show nothing but obedience to me. Unless, of course, you use your safeword. We agreed. Tonight you are my slut and will be treated as such.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now, go sit on the floor. You will wear those clips and plug until I’m hard again. I’ll let you know when you can begin fellatio. When I’m ready, I’ll remove the plug and fuck that ass of yours. I’ll yack the clips off at my pleasure. Any complaints and I swear, Mona. I will blister your ass with my belt. Understand me?”

“Absolutely, sir.”

Now, all I had to do was decide if I wanted a blistered ass or not. Yes, it would hurt like hell, but I’d still be feeling it for several days and remember what an incredible Dom I had.

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