An Incredible Journey

Why do I not have a bag? Adella asked.

Because I have everything you need in mine. You have your passport and your boarding pass. That’s all you need.

I huffed, but was secretly pleased. Jeremiah had promised/threatened to take me on a last minute vacation for years but I never thought he’d do it. Yet, here I was, sitting in first class, flying to somewhere on the Yucatan Coast. I sipped a glass of champagne and peppered him with questions until he threatened to turn me over his lap and spank me right there on the plane. He said this LOUDLY and several other people all encouraged him. Even the flight attendant laughed. I clamped my mouth shut and said never another word.

The plane landed at a private field where we were ushered into a waiting limousine. I was offered another glass of champagne. When we pulled up to the resort, Jeremiah looked and me and said, “I need to strip out of your clothes now.”

I gapped. Spun my head to see the name of the resort. Desnuda/o I also noticed several other people completely nude in varying degrees of humiliation. I looked back at J who had crossed his arms. Quickly, I shimmied out of the dress and gave it to him. He shoved it into his bag and handed me a pair of beautiful glass slippers.

THAT, my dear, is all you will be wearing for the next week. This is a clothing optional lifestyle friendly resort, so don’t be too ashamed. Nonetheless, clothing, aside from those shoes, are not an option for you.

I gulped, finally understanding what was happening. Everyone on the private jet had been coming to this same place. Sure enough, as J was checking us in, I saw one woman bent over an over stuffed chair and belt spanked. She then, eyes red and puffy, stood, stripped, and watched as her dominant shoved her clothing into a trash can.

I looked up at Jeremiah and grinned. This would be an incredible journey.

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