Anal Punishment – 2

I’ve had this open anal plug inside of me for 4 hours. I had to eliminate after 2 hours and was terrified the plug would slip out and I would have to retrieve it, clean it, and then ask Sir to reinsert it. How humiliating!!! Luckily, that didn’t happen. However, as I was squatting down to grab a pot to use for the pasta for dinner, it did slip out. Following Sir’s orders, I washed it, then went to him with the plug in hand. I told him what happened and asked him to please reinsert it.

He had me bend down with my elbows on the couch, ass up high. Without ceremony, he spread my cheeks and pushed the hateful thing back inside of me. I winced but made no sound.

You know it isn’t this simple. I’ll have to spank you again.

Yes, sir.

And so he did. First with his and then his belt. Luckily, he never puts much force behind it when he uses his belt. Still, he took his time and so by the end, my ass was scorched and my face a mess of tears.

When it was time for bed he fucked my puss (thank the gods!) but reminded me that I was not allowed to cum. He entered me fast, fucked me hard, and came quickly which would normally have disappointed me. Tonight, though, I was grateful since I was very, very close to orgasm the moment his magnificent cock entered me.

I slept in the damned plug and this morning he took me again – hard, fast. I dressed for work and made it through the day. The moment I got home, Sir was waiting for me.

Over the couch and chair arms again. You’ve done well. One more good hard spanking, I think, then, if you are good through that, I’ll take the plug out.

And so, he did. He used his hand, his belt, and a hardback book. The spanking went on and on until I knew I would not be sitting pretty for days. By the time he stopped, I barely noticed him removing the plug. Until I felt his cock replace it. My head shot up, but he pushed it back down again.

Be good or that plug will go back in when I finish. You may come as much as you wish now, but no words. You may moan or scream, but no words other than your safeword. Also, do not break position.

As he spoke the last word, he thrust in deeply, burying himself in my stretched ass. I moaned, but stayed still. I came almost immediately. It felt SOOO good!! Sir took his time, giving me several more orgasms. He reached down and pulled on my nipples, twisting them, pinching them. I screamed, desperate to cry out his name, but had learned my lesson. his hand came again. Finally, he joined me and came inside of me. I never remember feeling so fulfilled. I actually feel my entire body glowing.

As I lay in his arms after, he caressed my puffy nips and said

You came well. That made me happy. So happy, in fact, that while I won’t consider this next week punishment, I’ll just call it training. I’m going to use only your ass for my pleasure. Morning and night. Would you like that?

I was horrified, but also thrilled, so I answered with the only words I could, “Yes, sir, I would.”

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