Anal Punishment

Make no mistake. This is a punishment and as such, I will NOT enjoy it. However, as HE is the one punishing me, I will accept and even revel in it. What did I do to deserve this? Well now, that really doesn’t matter, but trust e when I say, I DO deserve this.

As with all Punishments, I begin naked. I get into position over the arms of both the couch and recliner. This supports my body well and I know I will be here for some time. He begins with his hand – hard, firm, unflinching in his delivery. He then moves on to a hardback book. Harder, firmer, relentless. I’m sobbing but have been too well trained to move.

He leaves me after a time, ass on fire, humbled, tears puddling beneath my face.

You once work a plug for two days, remember? You hated it, but it humbled you. You can to understand in a very deep way just how disappointed I was in you. I didn’t like to punish you so harshly, and I don’t like it now. http://anal discipline

I sobbed more, knowing what he said was true. I hate when I disappoint him. I know he prefers to give me pleasure rather than pain. I also well remembered that long ago discipline, one which I also well deserved.

This plug will be in you until I take it out. I know how long I plan to keep it in, but you do not. As you can see, it’s open so there is not even a need to take it out when you eliminate. If, however, it does come out for any reason, you will clean it and bring it to me immediately no matter the time of day or night. Do you understand?

Yes, sir.

You will ask me to put it back in you and to punish you again for allowing it to slip out. You will not orgasm while in punishment. You may wear underclothing to work, but you will go only to work and home. At home, you will wear nothing at all. Do you agree to this punishment?

I sniffed, then said, “I do, sir.”

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