Locked Submission – 2

Locked submission – 1After locking the metal plug into place, Milord told me to go clean up my face and to put on aNewest Design Stainless Steel Anal Lock, Anal Dilator, Openable ... dress and sandals. I closed my eyes and felt my face get as red as I knew my ass was. Still, I was NOT eager for yet another chastisement. He had said nothing about putting on panties or a bra, so I chose my dress carefully.

I opted for a pretty green one with a soft shelf bra built in. This way, I’d have a bit of support yet my nipples would be still quite prominent. Luckily, Milord smiled his approval when I stepped out of the bedroom.

“Very Nice. Get in the car.”

I bit my lip and nodded. Always the gentleman, he opened the door for meBoho dresses, hippie style clothing, bohemian boutique, midi dress and made sure I was settled.


“No, Milord,” I answered honestly.

He laughed. He liked to go for drives and hikes. I knew we wouldn’t be doing a hike since he had told me put on sandals, but a walk was always a possibility. When he pulled up to a valet, though, in front of a new, swanky restaurant, I blanched.

“You will smile, laugh, and let no one notice anything odd. Understand?”

“Yes, Milord.” I should have picked up on his clothing. Casual, but nice pants and a freshly ironed polo shirt. We were having dinner with his sales staff. As the boss’s wife, I was expected to be a gracious hostess even with a big ass plug in my ass and a freshly tanned bottom.

Four hours later, we were back in the car.

“You did well, babe. I’m proud of you.”

Despite the discomfort, I glowed with pleasure.

“In fact, I had planned on keeping you plugged until tomorrow morning, but I think I’ll release you when we get home.”

“Thank you, Milord!” I sighed.

“Don’t thank me yet. I’m going to use that loosed ass of yours again. One complaint. Just one, babe, and that plug will go right back in and this time I’ll use my belt for the spanking.”

I gulped. “Yes, Milord,” I agreed humbly. I could have used my safeword, but despite the discomfort I felt, I was also suddenly quite wet from the anticipation of having him inside of me again.

He grinned at me, and said, “I do love when you are so obedient.”

Me, too!





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