Public Session during Social Distance – 2

Public Session during Social Distancing

Another card flipped over.

“3” “Clothes pins on nipples.”

Mister complied. I gasped and he reached down to run a finger through my slit. He laughed and sucked off my juices.

“It seems our game is pleasing my little submissive, friends.”


I heard laughter from the screen.

Mister, as he always does, licked and sucked my compressed nipples, causing me to moan and a fresh gush of moisture to dribble down my thighs.

“8 Flogging – 8 strokes it is!”

I was panting. Lost in my own mind.

“2  Pussy licked”

Mister was on the floor between my spread legs and for 2 minutes and 3 orgasms, licked my pussy.

“1.  One anal plug added.”

I was spun so that my bottom was now facing the computer. Mister lowered my arms and bend me over a chair so his friends could enjoy a full few of the insertion. I began to cry from the humiliation of it, but when asked if I wanted to use my safeword, I replied, “No Mister. Thank you.”

“4 – fellatio”

Thank god. Eagerly and hungrily I complied accompanied by may encouraging remarks.

“9 – Belt spa9c627d394db89ced2f78aab62b128b66nking”

Oh god. I remained bend over the chair as Mister laughed, chatted with his friends, and applied his belt 9 times to by upturned ass.  I wiggled my bottom, needing more.

“5 Blindfold.”

“7 finger fucked until she comes.”

Thank the gods that BE!!! Sadly, it took about 3.2 nanseconds for that to happen!

“6  Ben Wah balls”

I’m going to die. I know I’m going to die.

“10 – fucked at Mister’s will.”

Behind the blindfold I closed my eyes again, tears making the silk fabric cling to my face. Then, I felt the plug in my ass swivel and slowly, slowly be removed.

“My favorite hole. All loosened up for me.”

And so it was. To the sound of virtual applause, Mister took my ass in front of his friends. I further humiliated myself by losing count of the number of times I came, the number of times I screamed his name. When he was ready, He released the clips from my nipples,  pulled out and sprayed his own proof of pleasure over my reddened, upturned ass, painting lovely criss-cross stripes of white across the canvas he created.

“Well friends, guess this about ends our night,” he said.

“Hey, any chance we can do this again next week?”

“Absolutely,” he answered. I squeaked. He laughed. “Count on it.


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