Show me your Marks

“Bend over,” Mitch said quietly.

Joanne looked at him, wide eyed, and obeyed. He flipped her skirt over her hips and ran a hand down her bare bottom and thighs. She new better than to wear panties. Nonetheless, it was time, Mitch thought, to make sure she remembered to whom she belonged.

“Count for me, but do not break position. We’ll be out all day, so I want to make sure my marks remain for the duration. Understood?”

Image result for cane


Mitch smiled and her immediate answer. She was well trained and self controlled. He took up the bamboo cane which he had sanded smooth and took aim.

His cock twitch and grew with each whimper from her lips. By the time Joanne has sobbed “10!” he was hard as a rock.

Tossing the cane on the bed, he unzipped his trousers then reached for the tub of lube he kept on the dresser. He applied a generous amount to his cock then pressed against her tight rosebud.

“No,” she murmured. “Please.”

“Shhh. You will take it, won’t you? Good. Now, press back. Impale yourself on me.”

“It’s too big!”

“You can do it. You’ve done it before.”

He waited, knowing she was gathering her courage. He gave her left cheek a good smack with his hand and she yelped, sliding effortlessly down his cock.

“Good girl.”

Her heat and tightness overwhelmed him, but he held on to his control, fucking her deeply and slowly until she exploded. Only then did he release his own control and fill her ass with his cum.

“Stay there.”

He went into the bathroom, cleaned himself, then came back with a warm wash cloth, cleaning what little had escaped her bottom. Mitch then helped Joanne to stand and straighten her dress.

Together, they went to the park for a walk. After, they hit the farmer’s market and picked up some fruit which they enjoyed on a bench.

“M?” she asked.


“I can feel your cum beginning to drip out of me.”

Mitch laughed and told her to shift her dress so that his cum could stain the bench rather than the material. Blushing, she complied. When the stood up, her shame was obvious on the marked bench.

They began their walk home and, in a secluded part of the park, Mitch asked if her marks were still visible. She told him they probably were.

“Not good enough.bdsmlr-67953-3inVmROXR6 Lift up that skirt and let me see.”

Again, she blushed, but stepped in front of him and obeyed.

“Brilliant!” he said. “And lucky for you.”

“Why’s that, M?”

“Because if they hadn’t been, we would have had to repeat the little caning of this morning but with more force.”

Joanne paled. Mitch laughed and tugged her dress down to cover her still marked ass.

“No worries, though, Joanne. It looks perfect. And now, since your ass is so well marked and your bum oozing my cum, perhaps it’s a good time to head home and use your other hole. I think first I’ll fuck your pussy and then you can finish me off with your mouth. What do you say?”

Joanne grinned. “I think that’s absolutely perfect. You always have the best ideas.”



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